Always Seeking Out Light: My Painting-Tripping Into The Light

So, it’s a late hot day. I am sitting down to paint. Ideas form on the canvas. A single light beam. I think of how much Edward Hopper painted light. I have always loved his work. I realize, surprisingly, that I am just like him. Hopper always wanted light to be showcased in his work. For me, there is a reaching, an eagerness to find light in the darkest of places.

I trace out the sunbeam with a pen, and get to work with a light yellow daffodil color.

I use a dark purple that came out lighter than I thought, and at first glance, the painting looks simple.

It is a bit more than that though. With me, looks are always deceiving. If you are new to my blog, and my Art, I can tell you that my paintings mean something. Notice the purple doesn’t quite make it to the light of the yellow. It tries though. Herein, lies the beauty of this piece.

We scramble to find light in our lives, pushing to find a source of it somewhere. It can be anything, a person, place, mindset. The point is to not give up. Even if you can’t throw your line directly on it, you should get as close to it as you can.

Update: The next day, the painting spoke to me to add black, and it looks different, meaning took on more depth, as the painting fit life so well. Why have a simple beam of light? I am not Hopper. He did something, I can’t. I have to paint as myself, so the end result is a little more like reality: We trip, fall, and land into the light, only after we have made a mess of things first.

Rooms by the Sea, Edward Hopper 1951

Finished product..drum roll…..

Tripping Into Light


***Watch a video close up on this painting here on:YouTube

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