Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself

Collectors can be anyone. They do not have to be rich, or have a status, or stereotype. What stuck out the most, was in a casual sentence he said: “Maybe they fall in love with you as a person, and decide to buy your work..” . Whoa, what? 

I started thinking right then, how much Rafi got to me on a very personal level. I really liked him a lot as a person. Often, I find myself saying: “If I had the money, I would buy his work”.  Why? Well, it’s quite good, yes, but…if he was a jerk, if he was arrogant, I wouldn’t care.

Here I am trying everything under the sun to get my work out there, and the most important thing is to be myself. 

I have written this blog very openly, and honestly, but I will try even harder to be myself fully. If people buy from me, it’s because they might like me as a person. Even though there are great fears in me, about nobody liking my Art, it’s not anyone’s style, I can’t think that way.

Rafi came along in my life at a time I needed him the most. His videos are very helpful, and I’ve spent many moments with tears streaming down my face listening to him. He is very genuine, and down to earth. 

I am promoting another Artist here. Wow, speaks volumes doesn’t it? That one sentence he said was true-let people like you for who you are.

Rafi’s Channel Rafi Was Here

His website: here

3 thoughts on “Enough is Enough- Just Be Yourself”

  1. Every word you typed I agree with. I was sitting at my desk just a few minutes again just letting whatever energy flow out. Tried a new technique and I think I love it. I tend to distract myself a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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