My Infamous Shooting Star Story

/Flashback to 1998. I am living with my parents briefly, working retail during the day, and at night a few times a week, I helped out at a ballroom dance studio.

I had heard my family exclaim they had seen shooting stars like crazy lately. My parents even took a photo and had it framed. I was jealous.

I whined about it in my mind to the point of crying. Why can’t I see one?

On a Friday night, I was coming back dome from the dance studio, and right as I pulled onto the private road, a few shooting stars huge ones, came blasting down, and I swear the colors were green and purple. It was unlike what you see in pictures, where they always show the thin ones straight across, this was straight DOWN. At first I did not know what it was, and thought something was going to hit the earth, but it was so stunning, I stopped my car dead and barely remember hitting the brakes.

Again, another God moment. I can’t help but trace the lines back to Him that he tried to get my attention on.

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