Whatever Freak Show I Am, I embrace it!

I ordered Rafi Perez’s new book: The Rogue Artist Survival Guide. So far it is great! I screenshot the above photo where he says these are things people will say to you about your art, and about your career. The average person has a mouthful to say about Artists. They think we are losers that can’t get our act together, and need to get a real job. First of all, at the moment I have a real job, secondly if someone is lucky enough to be a full time Artist it means they have broken the rules, made it their own and fought back. This is why I love Rafi’s new book. He talks in it a lot about how people have misconceptions about you a lot. Here is a great quote:

People are going to think of all kinds things about you. Some of the things they think are going to be absolutely ridiculous. People are going to have their perception about you no matter how you present yourself. Neat little labels, and elegant little boxes. There are all kinds of ideas about what an artist is and is not supposed to be.-Rafi

I am sure people think things of me. My family has told me right off that nobody makes a living off of art. Typical response. Sadly, since I have not advertised or got my work out there a whole lot, it makes it look like it is true. I only advertised on Instagram and Pinterest and that was it. I have plans to try Google ads when I can, but being found by anyone online has become impossible. Thanks to the stupid coronavirus, my plans for own art show will have to be changed or modified because of the six foot apart rule.

I have learned a lot in the year and a half I have been painting. Several paintings have been took down off the market, some have been redone, some have been closeted or thrown away forever. Many canvases have been wasted learning, and messing up. I do not regret many of these things because that is what makes me a better artist. The more I practice, the more I know.

I found out my style and crazy spontaneity in abstract expression. It is weird to call myself that. When you look it up online, the world is hung up on the 1940’s-1960’s. That is when this movement of expressionism showed up, and there are many modern artists, myself included that want to be found but can’t because when you Google expressionism, Jackson Pollock shows up. And I think: Seriously? It is 2020, why doesn’t today’s artists show up? We live too much in the past, Art has always been about whether or not you are dead, because if you are, you might be worth more. I am not even going there, even if the thought has occurred to me, it is laughable now.

My point is..I do have one…so does Rafi..stereotypes in art, people’s big mouths on what Artists should do will always be there, but I do not have to care, and neither should you, if you are an Artist, just paint. Just create. Just put it out there. People do not understand how much courage it actually takes to be under a microscope, but you do it because it is who you are, and who you were created to be.

Check out Rafi Perez book on his website: https://rafiandklee.com

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