You Never Forget Kindness

Flashback to May 2017. I was having some scary digestive issues and was nauseous a lot. I found this free clinic not far from home and went there. The wait was very long, and I would go for the next few years repeatedly, waiting for three hours for medicine but it was worth it.

When I first showed up, something was very wrong physically. My heart acted funny, and I felt very odd like I was having scary heart rhythms. I went to the counter, and told them I needed help please.

They were not open yet, but were setting up, so they let me in the back. The owner, Nancy came by and saw how upset and panicked I was. I could not breathe, I was terrified I was having a heart attack or something. She leaned over me, looked deeply in my eyes, with severe kindness, told me everything was okay. She said she would not leave until I calmed down.They took my blood pressure, and it was a little high but they never did figure out what was wrong. My body does the creepiest things at times.

All I know is, every time I went to thee clinic, Nancy would smile at me and say hello, and we had that connection because she was so nice. I pretty much never again encountered that level of kindness from anyone again.

I think we all forget that what we do to others, what we say matters, and people WILL remember the things you say to them.

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