My Obsession With South Korea

I became aware of South Korea in 2018 when I was interested in BTS. After learning of them, I started to see videos pop up in my YouTube feed about Korean culture, so I clicked on it. The above shot is from this cool guy that goes around walking and filming Seoul. His channel on YT is called: Seoul Walker. (That is a link to a specific video, hit subscribe on his channel and also click his name to see his archive.) I have learned so much from him about what the ambience is like there.

The language on the other hand is very difficult and impossible to master for most anyone, so I will stick with just watching subtitles and admiring from afar. I strongly encourage you though to check out some channels on YouTube. They think differently over there than we do. They are not as vain, more shy and humble when they film.

It is a wide, expansive place with lots of water and different cities with unique features in each one. With all the Anti-Asian hate going on getting worse every day, it helps to immerse yourself culture if you can find something fitting for you. Then you realize all the positive things about them, there is no going back at that point. I watch more Korean stuff than American, I guess you can say I hate my own country now with it’s constant fighting and agitation and hate in politics is annoying to me. American YouTubers are something to be desired. They are too pretentious, and loud. Koreans are soft spoken. When they eat, they eat well and take time to feed their souls well. Self care is top priority, and yet they are all thin even though they eat massive amounts of food from what I see.

I watch three different Dog Channels that are hilarious. Their owners really do creative things with their dogs I dont see here much in America either. The Soy, RuPong House is so cute, two dogs and this woman that takes superb care of them.

The Mongja is hilarious. She is this alpha female french poodle that is brave one minute, scared of her own shadow the next. Toto Tube is another one that doesn’t post all that often but the archive is so good.

Then there are vlogs I love so much. Korean homemakers are much different than American/Western. They are humble, don’t point the camera at their face a lot, and film beautifully. Sueddu is my absolute favorite, her friend has a vlog also-Heejo. They are excellent filmographers filming their lives, their cooking habits, they give tips and advice, and show everyday life in Korea.

Last from Seoul Walker are screenshots of Busan. Awesome city! Seoul Walker has many videos on Busan that are so stunning.

As I update this in May of 2021, my Korean interest has grown even more. Check out my subscriptions on YouTube, if interested to see a long list of vlogs:here

I think when we hear about Korea, we instantly think of North Korea and forget the South has great development and is full of bustling cities, and life.

K-Pop has brought great attention to Korean Culture. That is how I got into it, I am glad I fell upon all these treasures!