Where God Meets Me

After reading once more, Bonnie Gray’s book: Spiritual Whitespace, I wanted to experience it. She says that we feel like God can only be found in church, or in Bible reading, but miss that he is with us in everyday things and events. She points out that he made us a certain way, with certain likes and dislikes and He can meet us there in these places.

So, on this sunny day, I ventured down the hill next to my Sister’s house to my favorite place on earth. For years now, it is my safe haven. It is a large field with a creek running by it. The grass has been high so I scaled to the left, across the field, to the end of the creek, my favorite spot where there is a mini waterfall. The sun shines through the trees, lighting up the tiniest of leaves and illuminates the rocks inside the creek bed.

As I stood there, I felt the urge to cry. It had been with me all the way down the hill and I kept asking why. Don’t know. Then, tears finally came out. I know for a face I met with God down there today. I stood looking at the light glistening off the tree leaves and thought, He knows your looking at it right now, what if you can say He created this just for you? I mean you can make the argument that God made creation for us and knew that we would look at it and take enjoyment, but He also knew the tiniest of details we would notice too, light shining off creek rocks. the way the sun pours through the trees. The feeling you get from all of it that is so deep and profound, you can’t even put it into words. That is where I was today. Crying, taking photos and video at the same time. Why? Because God made me a Photographer, and a Writer. Those two things itch at me deep to set them free.

This place always gets to me deeply. I have stood there before on the banks of the creek, and cried, and also wondered why on earth creation touches me so deeply, but I have no answer, other than God created it and is showing me it. I care about it, it matters to me, and it is a way I can connect to God and still be myself.