Because he is the only thing good left in this world

I wrote about this before, but deleted it because it was too basic. At the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada, they have had since July, a rescued Sea otter that started off as a baby, and is now grown up a lot. His Mother was killed. He is not fit to be released to the wild, so they keep him in water. He has changed location three times or so now. He had his nursery, then they moved him to a small pool, them a larger one, than the past week he has a giant rock pool.

They have filmed him since the beginning. He popped up in my YouTube feed one day and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Other people watch him too, and on live chats you cant see how much he means to others. They also have videos up on the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre channel often. I check on him several times a day, it is part of my routine now.

I get very emotional thinking about Joey. Last night, I imagined my future Husband(wishful thinking) taking me to go see him and crying and having to contain myself. I sat in bed tearing up pretty well. So, I asked myself why does he mean so much to me? Because he is the only thing good left in this world. He represents innocence, being in the moment, gentleness, playfulness, and he is part of God’s creation that is amazing.

The other night he was floating in his pool with a toy around him and I sat watching him crying. He did the same thing last night as well. I noted how God made him totally flat so he could lie on the water and go to sleep. It is a unique feature of Otters and he trusts it naturally.

My life is just not good at the moment. So seeing Joey day in and day out comforts me. He has brought joy to so many. I don’t know what will happen to him. He will grow up at the Aquarium but if they close, who knows where he will go. Here is Joey’s page at the Aquarium: Joey

Here are videos of Joey, and his live stream feed: Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

**He gets put in with other otters as well lately so it might be hard to spot him on the stream.

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