Sometimes Hope Is A Stick In The Middle Of the Field

I went to my favorite place yesterday, the field below my house. As I walked along the creek, I always look back at the expansive field, and…saw a stick in the dead center sticking up out of the ground. I instantly tried to find meaning in it. I just do. God tries to get my attention sometimes. We had hurricane force winds last week come through, that took down a few trees. My guess is, a branch got ripped off, and inserted itself into the ground. That stick was not there before. I walked over to it, and saw how sturdy it was in the ground. Strange.

We can all give meaning to things in life, for me this one could mean to grow right where you are at in life, regardless of where you are. A bare stick with nothing on it, a lot of us feel like that. Not much to offer, or so it seems.

It came to my mind last night that God made me who I was for a reason. This thought did not come from me. It says in the Bible that we are of more value than many sparrows. Hard to believe this. I want to write a book, keep painting, as long as it is what God wants me to do. I keep reading Bonnie Gray books that says that God made us each special to serve a purpose, mine is for writing and painting, and photography.

Yes, I do feel like a stick in the middle of nowhere that is bare and ugly quite often. It stands firm though, and can grow where it is at..

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