Kindness Really Does Make A Difference

You ever feel down, and then something will happen that lifts your spirits? I was down today, not feeling good physically and someone knocked on the door. It was our neighbor’s child. She is about 11 or 12, not sure, but she was wearing an elf hat and handed me a Christmas card, and then seemed shy, but blurted out: “Merry Christmas”. It was the tone and the fact that she really meant what she said that got to me. I told her thank you, I loved her hat and she went on her way. Inside my room, tears stung my eyes. I felt like I had lived a scene out of one of those Hallmark movies.

It made me realize that sometimes you can have helpers God sends that can lift you up, and teach you something. For me, it made me want to do something for her because she was so kind. Second, it made me want to be kind to others.

I went to the Grocery store and even though I was impatient, I tried to not give off a mean vibe, I even offered the women in front of me a dime because she was digging for change. She declined it but seemed grateful.

It is true what they say, that if someone is kind to you, you will want to be kind to someone else. Then it passes on hopefully.

I wonder what it was like back in the day when people used to smile at each other in the street? Truthfully, I have always liked that concept and through the years, I have smiled at people when I am in a city. But they look at me like I am nuts, so I stopped doing it.

It matters. We have become an offended society, full of hate and ready to strike all the time. It is always who can we insult, bully, or tell off today? But that is not what life should be about.

For me, I want to be kind when I can, and hope that it passes to someone else, and keeps the chain going. 🙂