The God who gave birds

I am sitting tonight, a few days before Christmas, thinking about the good in this year. I came up with a good one-the birds. When I worked and lived at the man’s house I took care of, birds were outside the window. The second I saw my room, and noticed wide open curtains to a big broad window, and a perfectly positioned bird feeder, two of them, I knew God did this.

For years, I have been taunted by crows. They always seemed to chase me down, it’s a long story I don’t want to get into, pretty sure evil is associated with it, they would not shut up. So here I go to this new environment, and there is birds-Cardinals, Blue-Jay’s, a Woodpecker, this gray and white thing, I am not sure of all the species, but saw the same ones repeatedly. Then squirrels came out, about four of them every day. One day, I got lucky and saw a baby chipmunk the first time in my life. This backyard was strange. It also had roaming foxes. A family of foxes wandered through often in the four months I lived there. I am not sure I can find a picture, they were always moving and it was blurry every time I tried to take one.

I come back to the memory of looking out the window at the birds, eating happily. I would go out every day and feed and talk to them. They still seemed afraid of me though. I was on Twitter recently, and a woman who takes photos of birds put up a video of one singing, and I smiled. I had forgotten. I looked forward to the birds every day in that house.

Where I live now, they are not around because of cats. Then one day, I was walking around the yard, and a Woodpecker on a tree, didn’t peck, he made a sweet sound as I walked by, unafraid. Moments like that matter to me, and in the mess of 2020, where we look hard for something good to grab onto, for me it’s the birds.