The Good, Bad and Ugly of the Carnivore Diet

I was in a migraine group last year that promoted and suggested the Carnivore diet. People have reversed their insulin resistance with this method and it has also helped migraines and other disorders. In June of 2019, I did it and here is what happened:

I read up on it by going to Kevin Stock’s website. He has a free ebook, or did, on how to navigate the diet.

Basically, the hardcore version is you eat red meat, drink water, eat zero carbs, no sugar. Some eat dairy also because dairy carbs don’t count. You can eat chicken, pork and other types of meat but red meat is the best and most highly nutritional out of all of them.

The side effects I noticed was loose bowels. You aren’t eating any fiber, so it goes through you faster, and I went about six times a day, a little tiny bit at a time.

I felt weird and achy and tired, and just toughed it out and ploughed through. I grew tired after weeks of eating beef stew and roast. Chuck roast appealed to me the most. I also had London Broil. I found out miserably I had a histamine reaction to ground beef, so that was out. If I had branched out more, I would have gone on longer, but the truth is the diet is not part of what God designed. Kevin Stock believes in evolution and I don’t. To me, I have seen proof in my body of this-God created many things for us to eat and blessed them all. He didn’t want people severely limiting themselves foolishly. That is where the idea of the balanced diet came in. Trouble is, nobody does it, so they gain weight.

I felt stronger emotionally because I was doing something different and it really pushes you to face yourself, and your strength. I put up with it for a month, until I had a weird illness. Everything ached, my kidneys ached, my legs were throbbing, I was feverish. I felt queasy, and after a few days of feeling sick(I think I had some illness), I realized with my blood sugar issues, I could not eat meat to nurse myself back to health. I was already so sick of eating meat, I would spit it right out again.

I slowly had to go up on my carbs by five to ten a day. I cheated though because I had to, and went to 20 fast for the sake of my blood sugar.

What was so odd about the experience, was the cravings my body had. When I came out, it was mid summer, and I craved Tomatoes, and pickles! Let me say this-I am not in love with either one. Yet, my body demanded I eat them! I ate them both in a small salad and did that for two weeks straight before the craving stopped. I have no idea what was in them my body needed, but it showed me all I needed to know that eating only meat was a huge mistake.

People will fight me on this, they will pitch fits and call me a wimp. I don’t care. I recommend it to people, yes for a reset of your health, by all means I support it. I don’t think it is a good idea long term. It is highly unrealistic to assume you will not get sick of meat. You will, end of story. That is way things go.

To this day, I cannot eat hardly any red meat now because I still have that memory of it.

Before I went on that diet, I had neuropathy in my feet some because I am pretty sure I suffer from a B-12 deficiency. That went away! So I can say that it can correct some things, but so help you if you get sick, or have a situation that requires not eating, and you will run into a wall.

I actually am proud of myself that I undertook this diet and lasted as long as I did. If I had more variety maybe it would have been okay but the reason the diet is so hard is because your liver was born to eat carbs. Without them, it has to retrain itself to process things and that is not easy! It takes time to get that to work, and for someone who has spent so much time sick and worn out through the years, this diet is not for me, or for the faint of heart.

I look back on this as a monumental achievement for me. I pushed myself to the limits and was very disciplined, and determined. I learned things about myself. Extreme diets can do that, they just aren’t meant to do forever.

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