Be An Encouragement To Someone Today

I write this post because of something that happened to me. I am on Instagram, and do not have hardly any engagement on there with my art. I don’t spend much time there because even when I follow all the dumb rules of marketing, I still don’t get my work known.

I use the account for personal comments also, and I follow Christian Author: Bonnie Gray. Her birthday was a few weeks ago, and I wrote her a comment, and she just now wrote back weeks later, after I had given up.

It was a small move that meant the world to me. I get zero mentions of my art,, and nobody knows I exist. I have worked hard for two years and I am still the artist that is never recognized. Bonnie is a beautiful person and someone I aspire to be someday.

I was down before opening Instagram, and it is rare to when I get to experience much of any feedback on any issue in my life. I am single, have lost my friends, and have nobody, so I am trudging through life alone with God, and hoping to come out the other side.

I know it is horribly cliche, but be an encouragement if you can. Today,, all we are on the internet is hateful monsters. There is massive division in the world, and there is nothing but hate on all sides. We need to look to basic things in life, and connections no matter how small to find meaning.

To read my favorite book of hers, go to Audiobooks: Finding Spiritual Whitespace

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