Christian: Stop Trying So Hard, do this instead!

I am a big fan of Author Bonnie Gray, of: Finding Spiritual Whitespace, and thanks to her work I have learned that God is not far at all. She teaches us to enjoy everyday moments and invite God into them.

From what I see and hear from most Christians is to try to be perfect, and that you can only have time with God in His word. I have learned to relax, like ir or not, and invite him to enjoy moments with me throughout the day. It feels awkward but I think we try too hard not to be ourselves, afraid God will slap us down or something.

For instance, I love watching the live cam of Marine Mammal Rescue Centre on YouTube. Months ago, they adopted baby joey, an orphaned sea otter who is all grown up now, and mingles with his friends on this cam, so every day, several times a day, I visit there and see if I can spot him, and have grown fond of him. If Joey does something really cute, I might say: Hey Father, look at this! I also will give God a thumbs up if I am doing something where I am laughing, or enjoying the sun through my window, etc. It can be the tiniest of things. This helps I think for us not to see God as a taskmaster only waiting to strike, this is a big deal to me. I am still working on how to view God, and through this process I finally had several epiphanies: God just needs to me to by myself, go about my day, and He will meet me where I am at.

I was online recently looking up something I liked, and someone I followed commented on a woman’s post that was almost suicidal. She was a Christian who was greatly struggling with her views of God and I wrote her and tried to help. Upon reflection later, I was stunned that God met me where I was at, in an everyday moment. I did not have to be a ministry, or knocking on someone’s door, I was able to help by going about my life. Just be available if you can, but stop beating yourself up about it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty if I don’t pray for someone, or don’t have a productive day, but that is the point I am trying to make. Set your intention early in the day for the spirit to guide you in all things, and let go. Stop obesessing over how things will take place, how perfect you have to act and be, and relax.

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