The Lesson of the Amaryllis

For Christmas, my Mother was given an Amaryllis plant. She hates plants and can’t take care of them so I volunteered. It said to leave it in the Winter and only water every few days. I obviously read something wrong somewhere, because when I check now, it says to water a bit more frequently, and have bright, indirect light. It sat mostly in a dark room, and the past month, sat on the fireplace edge with a tiny bit of light. I forgot to water it because my health constantly needs something, and it was in another room. I did run over there several times to water, but waited five days. It grew very tall, fast and I was shocked. I didn’t think it was supposed to grow this fast?

I never took it out of it’s original container, I had no idea it would keep growing. One day, I walked by to see one leaf had fell over. Great, I can’t do anything right. Got it. Next, I walked by another few days, and the whole thing had gotten so large, it fell over and was on the floor. I was busy, and this close to just walking away, and gave up and went and picked it, tore the flowers off and considered it a messed up venture.

The flowers bloomed fast and were beautiful, so I put them in water, and took them in my room.

For someone who wanted desperately to get involved with plants and flowers this year, I was embarassed that I read the details of the care wrong, and it was a rought start for me.

I always look for meaning in things, so I asked myself what the meaning was. What I noticed was that the plant grew even in the dark, was determined to grow regardless. Makes me think of the Bible verse in Matthew 6:28, about God telling us not to worry and points to the lilies..“Do they toil and spin?” No, they don’t. They grow without worry or concern because they just grow as they are supposed to.

I think to me, the plant grew regardless of the fact that it was not watered correctly, did not have the exact right amount of light, and still managed to burst forth with giant blossoms. So big, it fell over.

I think the meaning speaks for itself. Others have said similiar things through the years, and sometimes it sounds cheesy, but to me it might just be a lesson that no matter how messed up I am, I can still make it, I can still “bloom”. Every bit helps right? So every bit of light helps, and to me God is that light and things can happen regardless. In Phillippians 1:6, there is a famous verse many say about how God will do a great work in you, to completion. Meaning, no matter what it will be done. I can see that as negative, and wonder what hell awaits me, or continue to bloom to the point of falling over. The last part seems more appealing doesn’t it? 🙂