Sometimes Simple Words Are More Powerful

For privacy reasons, I can’t say much but earlier in the week, my Mother had to go to the Hospital for low hemoglobin. I found her lying on the floor unable to walk. Every time something like this happens now, I try hard to remain calm, even though the air has been sucked out of me. I had to call 911, and give directions, and hold myself together.

When they went out for a second, I kept telling my Mother: “It’s okay, God is with you.” I could tell she was nowhere near that feeling, nobody is when they are stressed out to the max. Yet, the spirit moves us to say it anyway. Every day of my life, I ask for the spirit’s help in all things, and it IS in hopes that when I experience something like this, I will do and say the right thing, and point them to God.

I wrote her a note also, and sent it to the hospital saying the same thing again, God is with her, and I don’t even know why. I am sure that she does though. Maybe it is something she needs to hear.

I remember a few years ago I wondered if the things we say meant anything when we gave Christian advice, and it was confirmed to me one day. This woman online asked for help with something on Reddit, and I gave an answer mentioning a verse. She wrote back saying, she had just been thinking of that verse recently, and needed to hear it again. I was shocked. We never think we do right by God, but I firmly believe he can work in any situation.

As I was picking books for my Mother on her way to the hospital(she wanted something to take with her), I thought to myself that I wanted to pick correctly, and hoped that God put my hands on the right books. I picked two Christian books from the basket and put them in her purse. One of them had a title about focusing on God in dark times.

It is scary to see someone be hauled off in an ambulance, and scarier to wait to see if they will be okay. I can give advice to someone, but have a hard time taking it myself. Everyone says that God is with us, but for me I only notice it strongly when I am doing something enjoyable, or looking at the sun, hearing a bird sing, but you have to look under every rock because chances are He will be there. That brings me to the famous 1 Kings 19 where Elijah is seeking God and as it says: He was not in the fire, He was not in the earthquake, but the still small voice… We do not need to hung up too clearly on the voice thing and think it means audibly. That could be dangerous and Satan can lie to you that way, and pretend to be God, he has done it to me countless times.

When I first wake up, I immediately read a passage by the date in Psalms and most of the time, there is something comforting there. So before, I even have sleep rubbed out of my eyes, I am looking for something to calm me and encourage. I think we are all guilty of agreeing happily with scripture, than getting lost in our day, and completely forgetting about what we read, and don’t think it applies to us. That is the hardest part of being a Christian.

So when I say, that the simplest phrases are the most complex, it is true.

The Bible, especially in the Gospels say the easiest of words sometimes like: It is I, be not afraid. And we read it, and because the words were so very little, it is hard to grasp. It has to be made real to us in our life before we believe it, so maybe we need to ask God to MAKE IT REAL TO US, so we can see for ourselves that He is good, He is with us, He can give us strength.

Simple will always have a deeper meaning when it comes to our God..:)