How To Be In The Presence of God In Everyday Life

For some of us, it is easy if we have a positive view of God, but for others like myself, it is challenging to just ‘be’ with God and invite him to enjoy something with you. I read this idea in books, to invite God into your everyday moments, that when you enjoy something, ask him to enjoy it too.

So the other day, I went outside to pick these beautiful leaves, and it hit me that I was to not try so hard, that God wanted me to be just as I am. That was easy to understand, but hard to implement.

I remember months ago on Easter Sunday, trying that idea out, and I was at my employer’s house at the time. She had the most amazing beautiful yard full of gorgeous flowers. I tried to pray to God to enjoy it with me, but felt so awkward, and weird, I ruined it. I did however take photos of it, you can see below.

Wonderfully though, I tried one day to paint with God, twice actually, and it worked out both times. I was so absorbed in what I was doing, I just shrugged and went about my business but kept telling myself that maybe, just maybe God was smiling.

It always seems like we think of God as watching us for all the bad things, because we can never hide anything, but the good things He just doesn’t notice. But that can’t be true.

I like watching the live otter cam I have talked about in other posts, in Canada and one night in prayer, I clicked over there at the end, and an otter was rubbing his face. I burst out laughing, and told God I hope he was seeing this too.

For you it could be something funny, or meaningful, you decide what that is and then invite him to enjoy it, but don’t get bogged down in it. It is important we include God in our lives because that is why we have a relationship with Him. It is about getting past the point of feeling like we are robots that just perform and don’t sin, to heartfelt humans that live out everyday moments.

This past fall, I would go for a walk several times a week and have the late day sun blast in my face. I would acknowledge God immediately and then proceed to listen to songs knowing He was listening to them also. Not to mention the countless times I went down to the creek, and had several nature moments with him as the sun poured through the water and the trees.

The presence of God can be felt in everyday life, and it is something I seek after now often. I have no idea where it will be, but I am also careful not to fall for any whim either. Usually it is unmistakable, a simple moment, and tears will sting my eyes. These moments are valuable. He isn’t just in a church. If you are saved, He resides in you as can work with you to show you His presence. I am not trying to sound like another typical blogger, no way. Life is messy and God in that mess, period.

As I write this, on repeat I am reminded of the famous verse in 1 Kings 19:12:

And after the earthquake there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire there was the sound of a gentle whisper(NLT)