YOU Can Be An Art Collector!

I noticed there is this stigma I did not existed because I was wrapped up in my own world as an Artist. I get the strong impression most people think that they cannot be Art Collectors unless they are rich, or have a fancy home. None of that is true!

Art is a courageous purchase, something you do from your heart because it speaks to you. This means the average Joe on the street can own any piece of art they want! In the past there were restrictions, some people want the full payment up front, but I am no offering a service where you can make payments on a painting you like, and own it when you finish your last payment. The payment holds the painting and keeps it from being sold, and you claiming it as your own.

The idea of the snooty art collector is now a thing of the past. Art now means something personal to the buyer, and it is an emotional exchange. A buyer to me carries a piece of my soul with them in my work. They now mean something to me. Every time someone buys one of my paintings, it is a serious heart issue, not a place filler on the wall, but something special.

I hope you will let nothing stop you in your pursuit of finding Art that hits you, and compels you!

I typically sell two types of paintings-Flat Canvas and Wrapped.

Flat means it is a flat board with no backing on it to hang on a wall, so you have to purchase canvas hangers, you can get them anywhere.

Wrapped means there is an inch thick side and on the back there is a wooden column that goes up the back. This can hang on a wall but it might need extra help to get it straight. These are very lightweight.

Flat canvases can lean against a fireplace, or a dresser if you don’t want to hang them.

The back of a flat canvas, 16×20
This is the back of a wrapped canvas. A board goes up the middle of it. This is a larger size example about 20×24

Please go to the Payment page to learn more: here

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