Experiencing God’s Love

Oh, oh, when everything is going down
Oh, oh my dear please hear me now

Don’t let go just keep your heartbeat close
And I will change this and we will make it
Out from under all the doubt
That’s running through our veins
It’s not too late

Tomorrow seems impossible
Like stepping off without a rope
We breathe in looking for the light
I know right now it’s hard to find

Oh, oh, when everything is going down
Oh, oh my dear please hear me now

Don’t let go just keep your heartbeat close
And I will change this and we will make it
Out from under all the doubt
That’s running through our veins
It’s not too late

There’s still time and we can fight and find
The missing pieces won’t you believe it
The love we held inside our hands is still here
And we can save it, it’s not too late

Don’t give up on my love
Don’t give up on my love
Don’t give up on my love-Not Too Late, Sailr lyrics: https://open.spotify.com/album/18bgva7dSlDVSUhpIRsrf8

I am navigating every day to try to accept God’s love, and there are blocks. Most of us don’t know that God wants us to live with His Love every day and move from it, and engage in life. This is what I have learned after reading: Experiencing God’s Love As Your Father, and God Loves me, I love Myself by Mark DeJesus.

I took notes and want to share some of them. One of the exercises he has us do, is to put our hand over our heart, and say: “God loves me, I love myself”. It feels odd and we have been taught differently, so we think it is wrong. The last one for me is easier, but the first one I cringe at. He says that if you were not built up by your Parents especially your Father as a child, you will see God the same way.

Right off I took these notes from Experiencing God’s Love As Your Father:

Who am I? Am I loved?

How you answer this will

determine how your life

plays out. If you don’t get the

answers from God and healthy

relationships, the enemy will

seek to give you convoluted

responses that will pollute your

heart with lies. Your two greatest

needs are to know you are loved,

and know who you are. Everything in

life hinges on it.” God designed you

to be loved. It is also His intent that

through experiencing love,

you will see how significant you are.

Loving connection is meant to

empower how you see yourself. Without

love, you flounder in life. With it, you gain

confidence to overcome anything.

We must experience love in our hearts. You will erode spiritually, emotionally and even physically without love having it’s work in your life. That is because you were born to know what love is and experience it authentically, you also need the acceptance, validation, and empowerment that love delivers.-“-Mark DeJesus

Love is something we have to get from God as explained in Ephesians 3:17-“rooted and grounded in love”. This passage has been misrepresented as just sinking into God’s word and believing it, but it is actually us RECEIVING love from God and living from it to empower us, and live boldly and face our lives each day. It is a lot harder than you think for most of us. We all have hang up’s, deep hurts, wounds, and we recoil in uncomfortableness, that God can’t love you if you don’t live in perfect ministry, or do a thousand things for him, or live a sinless life. When we think this way, we cancel entirely everything the cross did for us. We misunderstand scriptures in the New Testament as rules, and hard to live by, because we are not in that place of love, so for us it seems impossible! We were never meant to live without it. Somewhere along the way, Pastors did not tap into this, evil kept them from it, and because of that, people have spiritual abuse, they belt out preaching angrily, and make you feel guilty and condemned.

And as far as self love goes, that is his other book, and here is what he says in what part. He says that people are are afraid to love themselves for fear they will become even more sinful. They think it is saying it is okay to be narcisstic. No, not that type of love. Then he says it does not mean self indulgent either. Meaning, you don’t make foolish decisions, or spend endless hours on wasted activities. It does not mean eating a tub of ice cream and causing harm to yourself. He also explained that people who exalt themselves often are seen as narcisstic, but in reality they really hate themselves so ask and demand attention from others.

Self pity, and being self centered, is also not self love. Focusing only on you with no regard for others, not wanting to love others is not self love either. Here is an excerpt:

Loving yourself allows you to see yourself the way God sees you. In thoughts, words and actions, you are able to relate to yourself from motivation of love. Self-love involves a healthy acceptance of yourself, right where you are, with no strings attached. You are at peace with yourself, because this is the environment that self-love creates. Your pattern of living flows from a pure reflection of God’s love for you. Self lovs manifests best when you engage the pillars of love, patience, and kindness to yourself. Love is patient, and is kind. Being immersed in self-love involves being patient and kind in all your thoughts and actions towards yourself.”-Mark DeJesus-God Loves Me, I love Myself.

He goes on to say it is not performance based or off of merit. I had to discover that in myself personally because of a poor love background, I have a very hard time letting God in. I always felt like I was never allowed to make a mistake, I had to be perfect in everything I did, and with God I felt like if I did not do things exactly right, He would not love me. Mark points out often in his books and videos that in the Bible, God was heard saying from heaven: “This is my son, with whom I am well pleased”. He was talking about Jesus, but he said this BEFORE he had done any healing, any work that made him who he was, which means we are approved right from the start, that is what Paul talked about constantly about being new in Christ. I never knew what that meant, and rolled my eyes at that, thinking I had to let myself die. But what you are dying to is all the things that God did not make you out to be in his design for you.

I tried the heart exercise today, and also tried to give God some issues I was having. We are supposed to wait after we pray things for an exchange, but we often walk away. Some say to read your bible, ,sit quietly, or listen to music. For me, I grabbed a song that came to my head instantly: Not Too Late by Sailr. I had discovered it in recent weeks as a song that reminded me of God. As I heard it, I felt something open up in me, as if I felt closer to God at that moment. Try this also if you are very musical. People always say it has to be a worship song, but I grabbed an abstract song that can have multi layered meaning. Try and find songs that remind you of God.

I truly am on a big journey here as I go through this each day, and want to share this information with you. I cannot have an Amazon affiliate account so I will post his book links for free. If you ever want to support me, you can donate money through my art link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/juabstracts

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