Christian: Taking Your Power Back

For the past year, I have been miserably confused and did not understand how to get rid of evil. I finally get it now that we really do have to tell it to leave. I thought it was a Pentecostal To thing to do that, and freaked out, and wanted nothing to do with it. They are wrong about many things. They get part of it right, part of it wrong from what I am learning.

I was around a Pentacostal, a few of them and they almost panic and try to talk to Satan directly. Never negotiate with a terrorist first off, there is nothing you can do. They also talk out of fear sometimes and that makes it worse. If there is confidence, they might get the power of Jesus name, but they seemed shocked when pain does not leave. I tried this video call out of desperation last year for my migraines. This man tried to cast out my pain, and failed. He looked at me like I was messed up, like “What did you do wrong? Where is your faith?”. That might be an issue, yes but that is NOT the whole story. The person getting it has to understand things are done in layers also, and if there are things tied into it, it could take time.

A good example is something very heartfelt and dear to me that means a lot. I have been hit up for the past three years with plaguing, shameful, tormenting thoughts. I feel guilty, exposed, and horrible all because I care about someone that is a bit different than me. I am not giving details, it is highly sensitive and too long of a story, but today I tried what I have learned. I prayed first, and told God I wanted to stop it and break agreement with it, that is the phrase you say. You name it for what it is: This fear, “this worry”, “this guilt, “This shame”. Then when you are done praying, you announce it out loud and say: “In the name of Jesus, I take a stand against this fear of(fill in the blank). I command this work of fear to be broken off and removed from my life. I command this fear to leave right now in the name of Jesus”.

Yes, this is biblical. Luke 10:19 says it well:

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I tried this today, and paid attention to it fully. After I did this, there was immediate peace. My mind was dead calm, and quiet. It takes quite a bit of self awareness though. They had become a part of me for years, I thought they were my thoughts. That is how the enemy tricks you. If you feel like crap, feel defeated, shameful, guilty, tormented, and just awful, then that is not from God! We say that it is, and we pray to him and ask him to remove it, but he doesn’t do that because he wants us to be strong in him, and be overcomers.

I had to make myself become aware of it the past few days, and ask myself: “is this shame?”. I kept asking myself what the thoughts were that came up and once I realized they were from the enemy, I cast them down. I let it sit like that for a day though, trying to figure it out sadly, and label it. I really wanted to understand what it felt like, so I let it linger for awhile.

I still don’t have all the answers on other things in my life, but the idea is to renounce it to God and break agreement with it, then repeat it out loud in Jesus name. There is power in His name because he broke the curse! If you ever have any doubt, it should pretty much clear up after this! He really did die for us, and the best way to know that is through the enemy. They have to leave when you tell them to. What is sad and unfair is they use our minds as a playground. We really think it comes from us and it is our problems, so it never gets to leave, it gets to stay and torment you and it will do that forever if you let it. It is a spirit plain and simple.

It doesn’t matter what denomination you are, if you are saved, then you can do this.

Here I am desperately trying now to get back my life and gain back the years I have lost. Once you have a clear head, you can understand things better, and God is not blocked. However, trying to let in his feelings if difficult for me and I have not cracked that code yet, except there is always a layer somewhere that is not healed, or dealt with that stands in the way, so try it for yourself and gain freedom!

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