Painting with thoughts..

New paintings in the form of three abstract expressionist paintings were done yesterday on my back porch, on acrylic paper. I have plans to make one into bookmarks so that one will be in print only other than the bookmarks. The other two are for sale.

As I was painting these, I had many thoughts going through my head, and I realized something else that I need to remember always-I am never more free when I paint and let go, and just be myself, then it is 100% true to form, and real. Any line or shape that I make will be my own and nobody can do it like that. Not being narcissitic(lol) it is just something I realized. When I paint, I throw everything I can into it, but the more I let go and relax, the more things flow smoothly.

This one will be available in print on RedBubble. Go to my shop page in the menu. And Bookmarks will be made also.

Title: “Be Yourself”-11×14 on paper

Go to my Gallery page to see these paintings for sale and click through to Paypal if your interested.

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