A Quiet Mind

I didn’t feel well yesterday, and most every day I have bad headaches, and suffer gut issues. Praying, asking, wondering, feeling desperate for answers and waiting. I woke up today, mentally worn out, ready for a quiet mind.

Sadly, being quiet seems to be all I know how to do so far when I am burnt out and fed up with everything. Some might consider that good, but a mind that is empty too much can’t face problems and solve them.

I went to the creek I love. I haven’t been there in weeks. In a short time it has grown up. Daises greeted me as I walked down the hill. Then I had to walk through tall grass, and as I went to my favorite places, beautiful natural ferns grew on the walkway, and lush green plants and leaves hung over the water. Pink flowers suddenly appeared on a tree over the creek. I stood there and took it all in. Took photos of the tall trees with the light coming down and listened to soft music.

Walking back up in my hard, was tiny yellow flowers dotting the road. It will be warm this week in the 80’s. I live in North Carolina so it gets warm here fast.

I am thinking seriously about a negativity fast. It is where you try for as long as possible to halt all negative thoughts. The average time is 30 days. I don’t know if a mind like mine can do something like that, but I should just try for a few days and see what happens. I try to stop negative thoughts now, and redirect them. I have been working on that for days, but they come back, so you have to keep fighting.

I have used up my time watching tons of movies, trying to relax and not think too much.

Sometimes a quiet mind is best..

Here are some photos of my walk:

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