Cessationism vs. Continuationism-The Debate

Since I am no longer talking spontaneously and saying things before I know them to be true, I decided to do research so what I am about to write is all over the internet and a heated debate between Christians.

Cessationists believe that the sign gifts of healing, prophecy, and tongues are dead and died with the apostles, that what we see in the Gospels happened for a reason. yet, when I study the Gospels, I see Christ saying strange things that were not him just talking to the disciples. I am hung up on this verse which I keep reading over and over again:

John 14:12-14

He who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also

and greater works than these he will do because I go to my Father and whatever you ask in my name that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son, if you ask anything in my name, I will do it.

Notice the words: “he” three times mentioned and in the context of he who believes in me. Baptists always say to look at the context of a chapter and the surrounding verses, so I did and it still fits. Phillip said: “Lord, show us the Father and it will suffice”, then he speaks that verse. There is no way to interpret it that the “he” was just the disciples because it was not phrased that way.

Okay, so moving on, continuationist believe that the sign gifts are still active today and usually have seen personal healings and have seen proof of it. 90% of the time though they are Charismatics. The arguments I read online is that just because there are some crazy people in that denomination, and even those who do fake healings, does not mean that ALL Charismatics do not do healing.

A man who does healing work who was a Baptist said he went to a Pentecostal church and did not know what to expect one night, and he was suffering from a bad stomach ailment. He said at the end, they could not heal people one on one, so someone prayed for the entire church. He said the pain left him right then and there on the spot. How do you explain things like that?

Sadly though because Charismatics go too far with their beliefs, they let in a lot of evil as well, and trying to figure out which is which is no easy task. I read something recently where this man visited a church and the congregation believed in angels and claimed they had insight from them and this man felt tingling in his head. They told him the angels wanted to touch his head. This made the hair stand up on the back of my neck okay because when I was oppressed by demons in 2015, they did this thing with my head similiar to that! And it shocks me because the person whose head was touched was Born again, and even more disturbing is they had sought God for months on whether or not healing gifts were real, and waited for confirmation. They said they received it, but the testimony was ruined to me when they said angels touched his head. Those are demons and the issue is Charismatics believe in weird things, so they muck up the body of Christ and mess up what might be legitimate healings taking place on one hand, but people don’t listen to crazy people who bark, talk to demons, and write in the floor. Why would you? It is downright scary. How do you know it is from God? I can say thought that demons do not have rights to heal anyone to my knowledge. They can give you fake impressions yes, that they healed you, but you will notice it later when it comes back.

The famous verse used to say gifts have ceased was taken out of context big time. It is 1 Corinthians 13:8-10

Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part. 10 But when that which is [a]perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

Okay, so first off notice healing was not mentioned. Secondly, notice verse 10: “But then that which is perfect has come”. this is believed to mean God coming back, then we will see the gifts cease, which makes perfect sense. People who rationalize, focus intently on the first part of the verses saying they will fail, but forget the last part. Maybe he was saying there will be people who will mess it up, because verse 11-13 he tells them to put away childish things implying they had messed up. He only wrote to the church because they had misused the gifts. He says: We know in part, and prophecy in part” which could mean it is done right many times.

I wrote before that faith is what heals and we are all severely lacking in it. There are more depressing articles that support cessationism and people get cocky in the comments. Two men fought over one debate. This one guy said something good, I screenshot it:

From my research, a lot of Calvinists believe in the gifts continuing than the Reformed Baptists. I can testify to that. I go to an IFB church and they are all about logic and The Bible only as hearing from God and any other way is a lie. They want you to be safe in communing with God, but go too far in their legalism. Their is no middle ground. They don’t believe in healing other than prayer, but they don’t really pray with enough belief to move anyone. It gets hard to pray when tons of people are all sick and in need of healing, sometimes you start slipping and mean well but cant offer enough faith to heal. Meanwhile in the church I go to, RARELY does anyone with a disease make it out alive, people drop like flies in hordes, and were just told that: “Well, if it’s God;s will, he will heal them”. I don’t know how to feel about that because the people who do believe God heals and wants to, have no health problems and are extremely joyous. The ones who limit God, are the ones dying off in droves.

I ask questions these days, and what I keep fervently asking without an easy answer is: Why would Jesus heal everyone he came in contact with, or at least most of them, just to prove he was the Son of God? If that were the case, why say mysterious passages like He who believes, and you can move mountains, and anything you ask you will receive? He said according to your faith, let it be to you. Your faith has made you well. Do you believe I am able to do this? Once the person said yes, he healed them. Do you want to be well? Noticed he asked serious questions. He did imply sin can sometimes be a factor in why we are sick but for those of us born with blood sugar issues and diseases, and chronic illnesses, it is confusing. In the Bible, there were people who had diseases their whole life. One guy was blind since birth, the woman with the blood issue had it twelve years, and another woman had a bad back for 18 years, all healed in seconds. I wish that were the end of it for me but it’s not.

Every time I believe in something, I get shot down and I lose all hope. I tried several times a year ago to be healed by random pentecostal members, but they did not have the gift per se. From what I read, you have to be annointed with it and seek after the gift of healing to receive it. That is probably why it did not work. My faith sucked too so I limited it big time.

If you ask me, the reason nobody sees healing work much anymore is because nobody seeks after it. The ones who have it, use it, but since mainstream churches dont believe in that, they have to go to the Charismatic circles to do it. Instead of the one true church, we are spread around in several denominations and have messed everything up. Others have the gift of faith and pray from that, and see healings that way. I personally want the gift of faith and have prayed for it lately, because I do not know what on earth to do to get healing for my chronic issues.

Christians from early on, especially in the 20th century, got real strict, started judging others, tied legalism back on, and everyone dropped the gifts and didn’t ask for them Paul tells us to earnestly seek the gifts. Not many do that, so it might explain why it seems like healing has ceased, until you look around and read stories of miracles.

So the debate continues to this day, nobody trust the Charismatics because they are gullible and believe every little thing is from God with no discernment which is very dangerous, so tongues, and other weird things they do, how do you know its from God? Someone has to understand what is being said.

It is no wonder I got away from the faith twice. I have seen massive flaws in Christianity. Mainstream believers do many things wrong all the time, and we believe in the wrong things, we don’t have enough faith, we are broken down. Most of us, do not live in God’s love so we are hateful towards others and judgemental when it was never supposed to be that way. I don’t think we will ever straighten up. I think we will stay stagnated and sad until God comes back because most are looking up now, begging for him to please return since life here is so hard. When we do that, we miss what earth can be for us.

Excellent Resource: here

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