We Tread On Serpents

So…I am working hard on receiving healing for my many chronic conditions. I am trying to learn what blocks there are, and had a miserable week trying to fight a weird itching condition that has plagued me for two weeks. No amount of casting it out or prayer has worked because I still struggle with fear. Pretty sure the enemy had me convinced I didn’t need to pray Psalm 91 because it was the OT and I am noticing that we as NT believers cannot use a lot from the OT like all the rules and the way God did things then was different. I finally broke down the other night, and prayed Psalm 91 before bed and luckily it worked. I didnt feel fear.

Yesterday, I had to keep taking migraine medication, and every time I do I feel defeated because I am not there yet. But, God has four times in the past week, fixed my pill in prayer from the awful side effects from it! That is a mini miracle and I have had tiny victories this week.

So last night at sunset, I was in prayer and stayed in God’s presence and gave him a lot of burdens. I realized how many I carry of guilt, shame and worry even though I thought I gave them to him, I really didn’t because there are so many. Keep in mind, that we do need to bring everything to God and sometimes it takes quite a bit of self awareness because we get used to feeling the way we do, and think nothing of it.

So, I finish my prayer and the uhaul man that takes off yard stuff as on the porch. My family just found him yesterday, and he hauls off things. We have tons of stuff since my Father died that need to be taken off that has sat there for years. So I open the door because I heard a knock. My Mother was already out there and he said hello. His tshirt said something about: “Under Armour” and he said something to my Mother I caught: “We tread on serpents” quoting that same verse I have been trying to understand in the Bible. This was no accident that this man said that not to mention he said it because he saw a snake in our yard, we live in the woods.

It is amazing who God sometimes drops in our path. This man is a Christian and just happens to come by. Wish I knew more but most Christians I don’t want anything to do with since they are so legalistic and put God in a box. The more stories I hear, the more it comes across that God grieves that we do not know the power he has in us. I am still trying desperately to learn of it, making every mistake there is to make, with a messed up OCD mind and nothing is easy but I keep on going.

Will I ever be say I can tread on serpents?

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