The Best News I Have Received

Some of you who follow my blog since last year, know that I worked with a 91 year old for four months. He was not a Christian and kept saying he would not be. He had an angst against God for some reason.

I have been going through a lot lately and feel beat up and tortured and demonized for weeks now, ever since I have been learning more things and trying to get closer to God, the attacks have been more frequent. I called my former employer, the daughter in law of the man I mentioned, and I got up enough courage to ask her about Bill. She said that a week before he died, they wanted him saved she said they fasted and prayed for it a few days before, but it didn’t work.

She said he kept asking God for an opportunity. That Monday, the nurse got an emergency call and had to leave so she sat by his bed, and at some point he asked where his wife was, and she said: “She is in heaven”. She then asked him if he wanted prayer and wanted to go there and he said yes. So she led him in prayer but he was so weak he could not speak it. She said at the end, he said a very loud and clear: “Amen!”. She said that was the last lucid thing he said. A week later he died.

For months, I have worried myself sick about this and was so depressed thinking that Bill had not made it into heaven, as it turns out, he did! This makes some of my bad memories not so sad now knowing that I can see him again, and that my experience was worth it.

I am going through a lot right now, and will write about it soon. A lot of changes are happening with me and I am trying out new things. I will write more on this, but I just wanted to share that if you know someone who is not saved and has been dead set against it, don’t believe that they can’t be! That is a lie, just pray for them, never give up.

If the person is family and along the bloodline, I even read some passage from Kenneth Hagin who said that you can literally claim their salvation, and use believers authority on the evil surrounding them to stop. He said he tried this on a relative and within days, they were saved. I am starting to believe in this thing called hope and that is a rare thing these days.

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