New Life, New Faith

My previous post, I shared how I was Baptized in the Spirit last week. Since then though sadly, it has been hard. That night I was buzzing and felt extreme joy. By morning, evil hit me up hard and wrecked my health. The migraines were nonstop, I had this weird itching thing go on at night for weeks, and I have not been able to eat much, barely work out, or live because the pain has been too much. I went Sunday to church and felt strongly that I wanted to talk to the Pastor. So I made an appointment for Monday, that was earlier today. I explained to them all that was wrong with me, and my testimony and at the end, they prayed over me and prayed a deliverance prayer. I had never experienced this before, it is very different and powerful. By the end, I felt peaceful and renewed. I have a sense of calm now I have no had before, and it is second by second,

Problem is my family are Baptists are they do believe in anything outside the denomination, so if anything new comes up, they think it is a lie or a trick of the devil. So I am having to face the fact that I do not have much support other than my new church and who I wil meet in the future. I just know I am being led on a much greater level to get past my problems. I realize faith is crucial. This church believes in praise and faith as propellers to commune with God. They are very worshipful. I never wanted to go back to a church. I never wanted to immerse myself among others, but I feel like God is pushing me to get out there, and not isolate myself because that is very dangerous, and leads to ruin. If people can’t pray for you, then you can’t be helped. I never realized I was being led by evil to stay away from other Christians, but I am so hurt by them, that I don’t want to be around them much. So I am trying this again, and just going one day at a time.

Here is a summary of things I have learned:

The woman that drives me to church, feels a heavy burden for me, and told me that she knows I will be free of what is bothering me. She said something amazing, that I want to share. She said in Luke, when that guy was paralyzed, and his friends dropped him through the ceiling, that it was their faith, not the man who was bedridden and could not move, but his friends faith that busted through and made their way to Christ for healing. It got me thinking that our faith in others, if they don’t have faith, can help them, because ours can be enough. That is a powerful phrase, read it again.

I learned this past week that people need people, that God wants us to have other believers in our life because we have to help each other and we can’t just live in a bubble. We live in a day where everyone is letting fear of Covid run everything and God does not give us fear but everyone is forgetting that, and being of the world.

That was my second lesson this past week-When you break into the real Christianity God wants you to experience, it is extremely supernatural. The things I felt are not of earth. If you believe, you will see things that will make no sense to the science of this world.

I just watched a video where this man said that we all should try communion once a week on Sunday because it truly does help your health and helps you. I pulled up the comment section, and people were saying things like: “My stomach hurt, I did communion, it stopped”, “My teeth hurt, I did communion, it stopped.” I heard this last year and ignored it. Now it is making its way back again. By doing communion every week, you are living out of the resurrection, and proving that you are alive in Christ. It has renewing properties when you do it. I am going to give it a shot, and will report back.

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The Pastor today, just told me to rest in God and enjoy life. Sounds too easy, told me to stop struggling so much.

One key scripture I have been moved by for weeks is John 11, the Lazarus story. There is one part of scripture people do not mention much. The part where Jesus prays and says :”Father, I thank you” He thanked him exactly as he instructed us in the Gospels to pray and to believe that what you say will come to pass, then he told Lazarus to walk. I have learned more and more that our faith, our belief is everything. Faith is the biggest thing we need to face any challenge, we have to have a strong steadfast faith that God will do what he says he will do. I truly believe that most Christians, including me in the past, really don’t believe the Bible deep down on what it says. Either that, or they dumb it down, and gloss over things, pretend that God really didn’t say things that sound too crazy or miraculous but he does!

As much as Andrew Wommack gets on my nerves, he said that what changed him was that his son came back from the dead. He was dead for hours and he was brought back. This changed his faith in God and realized that miracles and healings, were not dead with the apostles, that is a blatant lie the church believed because they are trying to box God in, even though it says in black and white that he can do these things.

I will no longer act like I serve a God who is limited and do not want to be around people who act as if miracles, healings are all in the past. How is that working for us? We think its God’s will but I am seeing more proof every day, that it is not.

All the things I have learned the past few months I need to pick back up and start utilizing them and thrive, I encourage you to not stay stagnant! To know there is more out there! New revelations can come to you.

One more thing, yesterday at church, the woman next to me, told me to pray Ephesians 1:17-18 I think about getting wisdom from God. What is weird, is this verse and chapter has come up almost ten times in the past few weeks so I know God is really pushing this on me.

F.F. Bosworth said in his book: Christ the Healer, that he prayed that verse for six months and at the end, God completely turned around his beliefs, and he even stopped preaching tired messages. He said to his wife: “What have I been preaching?” Praying scripture is powerful and we can do that when we don’t know what to pray.

So there is a summary of what I have learned, and it is not all of it. Please look in the menu of this site for a Resources section. I am going to add one of all the teachers I have been led to.

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