The Supernatural Christian(It is what we all should be!)

Ever since my Baptism of the Holy Spirit, my eyes have been opened, and I see things more supernaturally. I wonder why I was not like that before, but sometimes it takes something like that to get through to us.

I recently found on YouTube, Joseph Prince, he is a Pastor in Singapore who speaks English. My friend from church told me about him, and I looked him up. He really gets me thinking of God in ways I have wanted for so long.

The past few days, I have done two things that really wow me.

One is I anoint myself with Oil and a prayer every day.

Second, is I just started daily communion.

These two things make me see and understand God’s power more, and I feel closer to him. Those two acts also help your health and well being tremendously. It may not be instantaneous, I am learning that but it is supposed to heal you and protect you and prosper you. Some have said they used anointing oil on their business when they had nothing, and it helped them, because you are letting God into these places to take over them, so evil can’t get in there.

I felt compelled to write this post because I noticed that most of us do not see ourselves as supernatural Christians. We just think that were supposed to feel guilty all the time because of sin and we don’t deserve to even live. I have learned the past few months that is not where God wants us to be!

He has given us power and sound mind through his son, we are complete in him, partakers of his divine nature, and we can move mountains with his power. I do not feel scared the way I did before. When I say verses now, I feel like they are slowly dripping into every cell in my body. I say healing verses over myself now also a few times a day.

The other night, my heart was beating fast, and I was having weird side effects from L Theanine, this natural anxiety compound found in green tea. I had been using it for months,, but it’s like the spirit showed me it was affecting me in a negative way. My thoughts would race, and my heart acted funny. I said two verses slowly to myself, and let it sink in, suddenly my heart rate slowed and I normalized. The racing mind sadly was still there to some extent but I feel like I was shown that God’s word has power and we need to act like it does!

I strongly recommend daily communion and anointing. Try it for a month and see what happens to you. We are reminded daily of the sacrifice, but not in a miserly way, but a powerful way of true freedom. I notice the more I walk in spirit, the more free I feel.

When I do get corrected from sin, I finally recognize it not from condemnation, but a gentle place, like a spotlight shines on it, shows it to you gently, and then you confess it, and move back into fellowship. Guilt and condemnation were never from God. His son took care of sin, and we don’t live like it at all.

Christ set us free to live, to thrive, to show the world a supernatural person not someone who is of the world. I finally understand what: “Be not of the world” means. Don’t get so involved, true, but it mostly seems to mean to see yourself as set apart, as a supernatural person.

I have experienced things for weeks that has shown God’s power.

I did anointing yesterday and was fighting off a migraine. Within a few minutes, it vanished.

When I do get them later on though(I dont have all the information yet on why healing has not took place as of yet), I cancel the side effects of the migraine pill in Jesus name. I have done this a dozen or more times now, and it works!

I heard a story online where this woman had blood clots so severe she went into a coma, they had left her for dead for six days, but still had an inkling of life. A Pastor said he was led to do communion over her. Within one day she was back to normal and left the hospital.

So what I am learning is Christ is life. His blood, what he went through is life to us and can heal anything, and work deeply in our mental states as well.

If we are like the world, nobody will see the difference between us and them. We are meant to be different, meant to be highly unique, and to perform miracles, and do strange things because we are of God. Value it deeply and live out of that freedom. Logo

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