The Christian Morning Routine That Beats All!

Ever since I heard Joseph Prince sermons on anointing and communion, for days now I do the same routine with varying degrees of which one is first. I also speak in tongues very first thing.

I wake up, and as I microwave my rice cereal, I let out a prayer in tongues before I am even awake.

Then after breakfast, I do communion, and use oil anointing, it only takes a few minutes.

I speak in tongues at various times throughout the day. From what I have learned, the more you do it, the more your health and life improves because the spirit knows how to ask for things you do not, and we often don’t pray correctly. Tongues ensures that you get it right. I realize I don’t want to know what I am saying, I will just get in the way.

The three things of communion, anointing, and praying in tongues is an excellent way to connect yourself right away with God and put him first, before you even read your Bible.

The oil adds protection and can keep evil away, the communion helps your health and well being, because it literally is Christ’s blood in you!

Case in point-I struggle with anemia, and since I have done this, I have took quite a bit less my iron pills. The eyelid test, of pulling down your eyelids show you how much blood you have, that has saved my life a lot by the way. I have noticed the flow is stronger than it has ever been on it’s own.

The verse about being raised with Christ from the dead is true, his blood is in us. To do communion, is very deep and special. It does not have be a routine, legalistic procedure. To partake of the flesh and blood of Christ through cracker and juice is very meaningful, and reminds you every day of who He is.

Speaking in tongues has countless benefits I never even imagined. I was afraid of it at first, but it greatly blesses you and can change your life because you are praying better and more effectively, you can see answered prayers more. I am just now getting into this, so I have to report back on the things that happen. Excellent article: Benefits of praying in tongues Logo

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