An Epiphany About Faith

The past few months I have prayed hard for the Gift of Faith. I was hoping when I got the Baptism of the Spirit it would be imparted to me. Instead, through several confirmations, a dozen or so, God kept telling me that the faith I had was enough, because it was more His faith that mattered. First, I heard it through a woman at church talking about mustard seeds of faith. That it alone was all it took. I hated hearing that, wondered about it, and went on with things. As days went by, more and more things came up in sermons and everywhere it seemed about faith.

Joseph Prince said it in a sermon excerpt I heard and I finally got the message. Okay, I get it, but that should be a done deal right? No actually it is hard for me, and quite a few of us to think our faith is never enough, that it will not do much good.

I have had it drilled in my head the verse: “Faith comes by hearing the word of God”. And actually, I learn more truthfully by hearing it literally in sermons and mini sermons and it builds me up, more than I do the written word at times. At 1:30, he says the message of faith that resonated with me the most but the whole video speaks volumes!

He says in Mark 9:23 Jesus says:

Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

Who is “him”? Jesus. He believes, he sits at the right hand of God now, and what we keep forgetting, that hardly no churches discuss at all, is that we are seated with him. (Eph 2:6)

Since my second Baptism the power I wanted has become more, and I do notice a difference. I wish I could say I don’t struggle with faith, but since warfare exists, doubts are still put upon me and I have to fight it.

Building myself up by hearing good messages, reading, and staying tuned in can help faith and it does grow and get better with time, mine has grown in the short period of time since I wondered about it.

It is quite an amazing message really that all we have are our mustard seeds, and I thought that was never good enough, but God is aware of this.

I also have been given many revelations that praying in tongues, which takes ten seconds about an issue that is bothering you is better because there are no mistakes, and it is the perfect prayer.

I hope this helps someone! Logo

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