My Love of Creation Stopped Me..

I have been using Jesus Name to try out many things in healing mostly and since it is invisible, it is very frustrating because I wanted proof to boost me. So today, I went outside to find some plant I could curse to the root and test it. Turns out, i could not find one. I just could not do it. My love of creation was too strong for me to tell something to die. I usually kill plants by accident by using the wrong kind of soil, it is always easier when you don’t want to kill something for it do die, but I was shocked at how hard this was, and even told God: “I can’t do it! I love your creation too much!

God never told me to do this exercise, I wanted to as proof. Living a supernatural life is wild, and sometimes you just want to see evidence instead of waiting. I don’t hate nature enough to curse it and never will.

And yes we do have that power! John 14:12-14

He who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also, and greater works than these he will do..

French speaker Audrey Mack(who speaks in English mostly) says she went on a property she was staying at with her Husband and a Hurricane was due, and she was determined to not let it destroy her property or time with her Husband, so she went around the property In Jesus Name, and spoke to the mountain so to speak! We think Jesus only had the ability, but he did give it to us, we just never use it.

I have heard of people who used it against wild animal attacks, or even crime. We live in a spiritual war every second, and as believers we are royalty.

God pointed out to me more than once, I am royalty and we have massive benefits in Christ because of what he did. I know most of us want to think were to live sad, pathetic lives to honor God but that is a major lie from the enemy and I have just not realized this in recent weeks. It makes me furious! I have wasted years on things I did not have to, and took scraps from God.

Joseph Prince speaks about this a lot. He used an example of “Oh you, of little faith” He said: “It it as if Jesus was saying-I am so full, why do you take so little?”

Most of us do thinking we are just not supposed to have anything, yet Psalms 23 says :We shall not want, meaning we will lack nothing.

Oh, and lastly I thought I would show you something I did do recently. About four days ago, there was a storm that tried to come up. I was so not in the mood to put out with a possible power outage and lightening late at night, so I tried it myself and said In Jesus Name, do not come near our property! I said it twice. There was one lightning strike sort of close, and after that everything stopped. Yes, we can speak to storms too. Puts a lot of pressure on us, but keep in mind, it is not US who is doing it, is God’s power, it glorifies God. And yes, it does say that storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, are all from Satan!

Christians who go around saying that storms are punishment from God is a lie from the pit of hell! When are we going to stop believing this crap!? It greatly upsets me. Jesus so very simply calmed the waters and said “”Peace, be still!” If he had wanted the disciples to suffer he would have let it go on. They did have to go get him, but he was undisturbed by such matters, he thought they had been taught enough apparently.

We need so start glorifying God in supernatural ways! Start trying to speak to things-storms, illnesses, yes even plants if you can find one that you want to see die, lol. And see what happens! Logo

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