Are You Mixing Law With Grace?

Would you be shocked to learn that what you have been taught in in mainstream Christianity is a lie? Hear me out. MOST CHRISTIANS MIX LAW AND GRACE. You think this is okay, but it is not the real Gospel! Don’t discount this and leave, please give me a chance to explain. It is lengthy, but necessary.

This past year has been the most powerful learning experience for me. I believed for years that to be a Christian meant misery and despair, suffering and nonstop confessing of sins. I prayed desperately for God to show me truths, good and powerful truths about Him that I did not know so I can see him differently. He answered that prayer above and beyond. Two teachers were brought into my life that changed the trajectory of how I viewed God.

It first started with Mark DeJesus who teaches that God’s love is the foundation that we should build upon and flow from in order to see success in life. He felt the same way that I did, hated everything Christianity was and wanted a change. Next, I was led from his teachings to get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the second Baptism mentioned in Acts. I had fought it for a year and when I finally gave in, peace flooded me before I even received it.

After receiving it, I felt God was right there, and praying to him is easier, and a veil has been lifted off off my eyes. What I see though is different from what is being taught. I see believers as inherited saints of God that need to be living supernatural, set apart lives. What I mean is that we should be thundering God’s strength every day in great power, and showing it when we can. Most of us completely ignore the passage in Mark 16:16-18. It is found in the KJV version and older versions. People get upset thinking that because it was only mentioned in Mark that it does not matter, but God has shown me otherwise.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs that shall follow them that believe, in my name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak in new tongues, they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

This is not a mistake. I have seen firsthand myself people healed of chronic problems, and delivered from them. I have read countless stories of people who when they believed this by faith, were miraculously healed from problems they have had decades. The sad truth is Christians live by the world. They truly believe we are to suffer physically and have great pain in life because Jesus did. What if the truth was different? That Jesus death was meant to completely free believers from pain and illness so they can be a great witness to God? How on earth did Christians get it in their head that if they are sick and chasing after Doctors and believing worldly things that they are a witness to God?

If unbelievers can see us and do not see a difference, they why would they want what we have?

I am reminded of Nicola Tesla, he invented the most powerful light form that runs entire cities and brought about change, but nobody believed him because they wanted to believe lies, and stay in a comfort zone. I think mainstream believers are like this with God. Satan has sat down, and made a seat deep in the hearts of Christians, and they truly don’t realize it at all. They think they are hearing from God. After I was led to be Baptized, the woman who drives me to church,dropped a name for me to look into-Joseph Prince. He is a Pastor in Singapore that preaches in English. He said in the late nineties God conveyed to him that he was not teaching grace. So after he started focusing on God’s goodness, and liberation from the cross, his church had massive success, and he now has 40,000 or more in attendance. Sadly, when you Google him thanks to the messed up world we live in, he is called a prosperity teacher. Let me set it straight-he is not! If you listen to his sermons, he does believe God has a good life for us, but he never says to love money more than God, he says to be generous. He just says all your needs are met with God if you can believe.

It is strange to me that Pastors like Prince who believe in the Grace Gospels, which by the way is the real Gospel, that Christ died for us, liberated us, this is truth, that these people love God greatly, they have very little sin in their lives because they understand what Christ did on a deeper level, and speak from a place of love, and pray harder, and see miracles occur. People who have heard his sermons on repeat report strange healings. One Anorexic woman was near death and saw him on tv. She said she tried to change the channel, but the remote would not work, so she said: “Okay God, I will watch”. He spoke directly to her and she was soon healed of her disease. He believes that faith comes by hearing the word of God, so he encourages people to watch his mini sermons clips on youtube on repeat, because you pick up things you did not pick up before.

The church I go to believes also in healing and I notice that because they believe this, God blesses them. Recently, they had 20 water baptisms, and 14 Holy Spirit by fire in one day. Mostly in churches you see two at a time, and nobody believes in the second baptism, so we see very little being done. We made a mistake long ago believing that what the Apostles went through was not for us, and that only they were allowed to heal and so signs and wonders. This is a lie from the pit of hell and we fell for it hard.

I ran from this from a year, I believed it was blasphemy, and got very upset and angry every time it was mentioned. When I asked God for a better perception of him and a more fulfilled life in Him, this is where he led me. I told him flat out: “Do NOT let me believe a lie!!” and yes, this is where he led me. Back where I did not want to go, and he changed my mind. I never wanted to speak in tongues and thought it came from Satan but the more I hear and learn about how when you do it, it changes YOU, not just the spirit, but you are freed from bondage, and the more often you do it, the more your life improves. It is a private prayer between you and God, the perfect prayer without mess up’s and praying out of His will.

When healings occur at the church I go to, people start speaking in tongues automatically for half of it, and this creates the perfect prayer to deliver someone.

I went to a Baptist church for years that constantly preached lies about “paul’s thorn in the flesh”. I believed this like everyone else was a disease. Turns out, he is talking about Satan and warfare!! Check the bottom of this post for an article link. Someone explained this in depth.

Here is a screenshot I took from Joseph Prince’s book: Destined to Reign. It sums up so perfectly how we view things:

It took me forever also, to figure out that MOST of us believers are mixing law and grace and we have no idea we are doing it!! We want to bargain with God, constantly confess sins, act like we have to be perfect or God can’t bless us. We have to do this or that or God cant help us, etc. It’s a lie! For years I noticed that I was never “convicted” of sins and wondered why on earth I had to scramble to figure out my own sins so I prayed hard for him to please help me, and tell me when I am to confess sin, guess what? He never did! Once I read Mark DeJesus explain that in self awareness we realize that guilt and condemnation, and shame are not from God, and you practice this and start cathing thoughts that make you feel this way, you realize…God does not condemn. Once you strip away all of it, you realize these feelings you had were from evil all along and at the end of it, is peace! It takes time and self awareness to get there, but I dare you to start noticing your thoughts. If you feel guilty and shameful of sin, that is not of God.

Some make the argument that if people believe in grace, than you will just sin more, and they forget all the other important things. When Jesus died, that was it, he buried the old covenant and all the rules with it. Colossians two spelled this out very well. We read it, but we don’t believe it. He was killed for EVERYTHING, that includes our peace, our healing, anything and everything, he took care of. It is too good to be true, so we refuse to believe it. So we stay miserly and down, and think God wants us to suffer. When he said for us to suffer he meant we will suffer through warfare and persecution, not everyday life! He said came to give us life abundantly, but we spin and think he didn’t mean what he said. He said, whatever you want, ask for and receive, we think no, he can’t give us things because we will become evil. He said, he gives us freely all things, and we reject it. Why??

The above are Screenshots of Prince explaining Grace. He does a lot better job than me. I will end up coming off as harsh because I am actually quite angry at myself and other believers for falling for decades that we have to suffer so much!

If we examine things, we realize we have been living OT lives and never knew it! We say we believe grace but we truly do not. Grace is supposed to be freeing, liberating, so you can be joyous and when we get that really deep down, we love God the way we are supposed to and everything falls into perfect place and order! I am not there yet because I am not healed entirely of things and that is a block, but when He says the truth will set you free, he was not kidding!

Everything Christians want, to be closer to God, to be strong in faith, to be strong and victorious, that comes from opening up your mind and seeing the word the way it was meant to be received. The Bible was never meant to be received in condemnation, hate, guilt and shame to torture us, and brow beat us to death. It was never meant to be a bunch of rules to follow or else. The NT does have rules, but they are done relationally once we grasp the finished work.

This takes time! We have believed the opposite forever. We say we do not believe in works, yet we strive, push and fight so God will love us. We think we have to “serve” God in order for him to bless us, help us, love us, and He already loves us. Mark DeJesus really had to drill this into my head. He created us, he is already proud of us for converting in the first place! For trusting him and making an attempt.

Secondly, we believe that “Righteousness” is something we work for. A dirty sad little word that we will never attain to because we are filth. Christians talk about themselves like garbage and think that is what God wants. He wants you to see the finished work!

For years now the verse in Colossians would not leave my mind:

11 In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body [h]of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ, 12 buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead. 13 And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, 14 having wiped out the [i]handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. 15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.-Colossians 2:11-15

I have said this before and it keeps going over everyone’s head-that last part how he triumphed over them in it? If we go on mixing law with grace, believing lies about God, Satan wins. He is trying to disarm himself what was done, and he is the one winning! Don’t you get it? If he can undo what was done at the cross by lying to believers, than they will live horrible sad, afflicted lives and that is what he wants! If I were you, I would be royally ticked off that he has done this to the body of Christ, and that he wants us to not feel liberated, and not have peace.

Stand up and fight believers! Take what is yours already from God! He will not shoot you down. He will not punish you. The work is done, done, done. I am leaving some resources and links up for you to check out.

Let me say this algo. It is hard at first. You are in a war. Don’t expect Satan to sit back. He will push the old narratives on you and even bring people in your life to tell you a lie.

I just heard at the church I go to the Pastor’s testimony. He says 50 years ago, he was saved and when he was Baptized, he also go the Baptism by fire. He knew this. He was a new Christian though, and he talked to some guy at a Bible College who told him it was of the devil , the second baptism. He was so upset he could not sleep, he prayed to God in the most earnest prayer begging him for answers, and he said he had a dream where Paul touched his head, and he spoke in tongues, he took his hand away, it stopped. He put his hand up, he spoke in tongues. What he was was saying was that God was showing him he was indeed Baptized by fire and he said he never doubted it again in his life. He said unbelieving Pastors were put in his path to lie to him. Sadly, this is done all the time! We think it is of God if it comes from “Godly” counsel but it is not true!

Lastly, I read this story of this man who said he was a hardcore Christian who thought everything was of Satan that was not mainstream, and one day he was praying at this Christian outing with this girl who prayed in tongues. He looked at her and rebuked her, told her off and said it was from the devil. She bursts into tears and said she loved Jesus. He was deeply confused, and he noticed everyone he ran into spoke in tongues. He said God dropped it in on him one day to prove to him that it was not evil!

Most of us see the hype. We see weird videos of people writhing on the floor, acting like crazy people in church and we say this is Satanic. It is true churches should have order and sadly many do not, but it does not mean these people are not being touched by God.

I went through this last year. I knew a woman who had grown up Pentecostal and her son talked to me on the phone and told me amazing things about healing. I scoffed at it. They prayed over me for my migraines and it did not work, so I thought it was a lie and became furious. I was pushing away God’s help and didn’t know it. It would take months later of nonstop work on myself to understand that healing is not immediate sometimes. It is based on faith, and taking God at his word as the truth. It is a brutal journey, have to be honest because I have been taught so long the other way it takes work to unravel this mess and that is not fair. It was never meant to be this way and now I have to start over, chances are, so will you.

Will you believe that Jesus died for EVERYTHING and paid for it all, so we can live a free, powerful and supernatural life? That we do not have to be sick or diseased, that is not God’s will for us to be this way? There is no lesson, no punishment, he bore it all! Sickness comes straight up from evil. Believe it and fight back!


The above file is an explanation on Pauls’ Thorn in the flesh

My Playlist on YouTube of Joseph Prince mini sermons that are phenomenal!


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