Personal Experience with Praying In Tongues

For weeks now, I have said that there is massive importance in praying in tongues. Every day, I force myself to do it and I have been doing it for three weeks now. I have learned and noticed some things.

When I pray and get into a deeper posture, like folding my hands, or doing it more intently, I notice it is more special. I don’t know what is being said, but I notice the tone as it comes out and it always seems to be one of longing, and almost neediness but that can’t be right. Maybe it is. I noticed in public when I hear others praying out loud in tongues that there is exactly what the Bible says-groaning in the spirit, sadness, it seems tormented or worshipful. Very strange.

I notice that when I do it, it lasts about ten seconds to 30 seconds, and I feel a natural end to it and I stop. I mutter under my breath because that is just my style, and the words sound like syllables that repeat from what I can tell, it sounds like a rolling phrase kind of thing. I just know prior to receiving the Baptism of the Spirit I never had the ability, and it is NOT coming from my natural tongue of forming words, it forms sounds that connect together fast.

Several times now when I pray, about halfway through, I will get this image like heaven is opening up in my mind, like something has “broke”.

One day I was praying in tongues and it was translated to me: “Open up your blessings to me!”. Wow, okay. Then it went back to praying and it was not interpreted.

Some people are driven crazy by this, but I accept it..mostly. When I pray for something I really want and care about, I do so hesitantly, and start panicking a little. “Oh no, what if the spirit asks for something that screws me over?”

The more I relax and just let go, I sense that weird heaven opening thing.

Joseph Prince says that praying this way does not just edify the spirit but ALL of you. That in praying this way, you pray against danger, you pray for your health and well being, The benefits are huge. It can bring peace and alignment with God.

I firmly believe that if we knew what we were saying, we would ruin it. Ruin it with our worry, our fears, we would feel responsible for what was being said.

I still pray to God normally also but sadly I noticed since I have been doing it in tongues, I feel inferior and start stuttering and messing up my words and slowing down, feeling imperfect. But I do not want to forfeit talking to him on a personal level. Psalms says he is a refuge for us, pour out your heart to him.

So for those who are scared of it, don’t be. And don’t assume you dont benefit from it.

I know the Baptist church I went to said rather hatefully one night: “Spiritual gifts are not for your enjoyment!” Yeah, whatever, tired of this crap. And yes, I use words like crap because it’s not a curse word and I just tell like it is.

Because of my past, that is why my life is so messed up now and I have to start over, but so help me when all is said and done, I will see clearer and be at peace no matter what! 🙂

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