In The Presence of My Enemies

The other day, I was watching a mini excerpt from a Joseph Prince sermon and it brought tears to my eyes. He was talking about crisis you may be facing. He quotes Psalm 23:5 to say that while we are being attacked by Satan and the spiritual realm, feed on him, rest in him, let him help. This is hard for me because it seems often the enemy is bigger because they are loud. I know I never understood the verse: Greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world”(1 John 4:4) until I got Baptized in the spirit and the power increased. Before, I felt like I could not handle nothing. Now, I push forward more strongly.

When I thought about this message Prince said, I was reminded of a verse I had wrriten down in previous weeks:

The Lord said to my lord: ‘Sit, at my right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool’-Psalm 110:1

This was said more than once because just like in OT times, the NT was no different in the sense the enemy never changes, they just up their game harder and became more nastier in their attacks.

Anyway, Prince quotes all of Psalm 23, with emphasis on verse 5.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;

You anoint my head with oil;

My cup runs over.-Psalm 23:5

Watch the excerpt here, if you want to fast forward, it is six minutes in he says the verse and explains.

Everything has to be done in the presence of our enemies because there is no other way, so God just tells us to be with him anyway.

I remember a few years ago, I was feeling pretty sick one night, and prayed. Since I did not understand spiritual authority then, or that there were other things to try, I basically stuck with medicine. I was trembling at some point and felt scared. God brought to mind two scriptures. The one of Peter walking on the water, and the other one of Mary and Martha, Mary sitting at Jesus feet. I got the point he was trying to make, but so was so self consumed with illness and fear, I could not focus. I had a brief twenty minutes where I relaxed and felt my symptoms ease up as I did try to focus on God.

Seeing something in your mind only and not in reality is hard to do. That is why being in church helps some because it gets us in the mood more, but we have everyday life to live, and have to learn to connect with God in a relational way to see progress.

Last week, I went to church, I only go on Wednesdays. And the spirit of pride kept me from enjoying much. I call it pride because my friend called it out. What happened was, there was a guest speaker and he called us up for healing. All of a sudden I felt shy and wanted to hold back. I sat there a full minute before I finally broke it and walked up. My friend walked behind me in support and stood behind me.

I sucked in as much healing as I could, this is the second or third time I have tried to receive healing for my health conditions. It is slow going, but I feel it is more warfare driven. Meaning, I felt a sense of completion when I walked away, but the next day and in the following days, symptoms still remained in my body. That is for another post, but anyway my friend was touched by the speaker and then he moved on to me, touched me and moved on. As I walked away, my friend was passed out on the floor. This is the great controversy of Pentecostal churches that regular Christians don’t understand. She lied there for a few minutes, and I pumped her for information. She just said that there was no resisting it. That most of us have pride and care what others think of us, so we stay upright. Those who really want to feel God, let it go, and he meets them there, and sometimes causes them to briefly be in another world.

She seemed really happy, and I have not had a chance to talk to her about it yet. I know I have seen at this church, a few others lying on the floor. It is the force of God that knocks them over, but pride has to be out of the way. What is made fun of as demonic, is actually God.

I read a story weeks ago where this man said he was in a Pentecostal church, and he wanted to go up but he felt like a voice was telling him that it was for show and just a lie. Then another one, prompted him to go. He obeyed it and went up. He felt a strong impression from God telling him: “You thought this was evil?” And healed him of what bothered him.

Our pride gets in the way of many things. Christians are uptight and stiff, and would prefer more formality. God is actually telling us to let go, break loose. I did not use to support rock music in church because I misunderstood it. Since I have been going, I can honestly say God is definetely there.

The Guest Speaker did say something interesting though, he said sometimes God does not go along with what is being played depending on the song. He said a church he was at, changed the words to the song :Sweet Home Alabama, and although they meant well, he said God was pushing on him a feeling that it was not right.

Does it mean secular music is wrong then? No, that was one case. God has spoken to me countless times through secular songs. He won’t talk through sinful ones though, it is a basic rule of thumb and it is up to Him what He likes.

I worried on this for the longest time, terrified he would not let me listen to the songs I liked. I did however, choose non sinful, abstract songs that had multi layered meaning, which is why I get into Indie electropop and acoustic music, it is very abstract and different.

I went off on rant there, but oh well it’s my blog.

The point is…drum roll….Satan will be there always until he is destroyed. So while you are being beat up by the enemy, just shrug your shoulders, and keep reaching out to God.

Last night, I actually went on a secular song kick for hours and still behaved. At some point really late at night, around 11, I played Lauren Daigle’s: It is well, and Child of Love by Destiny Church Worship, and rocked out for a few minutes. I rarely get deep into mainstream Christian rock, I am very picky but I have my favorites.

I will go ahead and embed these two songs, they are really powerful.

In the presence of our enemies, let’s sing anyway, let’s continue to look up.

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