Do Christians Have the Guts to face that they have been chasing the wrong Gospel?

This year has had massive changes for me. I followed each step carefully, and ended up learning things and was finally able to accept them. The biggest thing I learned was-I was wrong about God, and we all have been lied to.

The former church I went to, is pretty much like MOST churches of the world. They are a bit extreme, but all churches have the same thing in common:

They believe in the confession of sin

They believe your sin needs to be discussed night and day

They believe in tihing 10% or God cant bless you

They follow legalistic laws of the OT and think they are doing right

They don’t believe in healing, but instead believe God punishes you with sickness because he wants you to suffer as he suffered

They think to be more like “jesus” you have to suffer as he did in all areas of your life

That “Serving” God is all you were put here for

The Baptist church I went to carries this farther. They paint God as a taskmaster that wants you to work hard. Wants you to be a slave, and “Serve” him. If you are not witnessing to others, in a ministry, God will make you suffer in life.

They pretty much dont even bother to understand the word correctly, they take the most negative things and say: God did to you, to teach you a lesson! Baptists also spend all their time making fun of other denominations and claim they are the right Gospel. Yet, they do not preach God’s love unless your an unbeliever. Then the second you get saved, they are on you and tell you to get to work. They preach that God wants you busy, working hard for him or he will not help you in life. They teach that when you sin, you have to confess to God immediately or he cannot hear your prayers.

For years I walked around miserable. When I came back to God in late 2019, I followed these horrible rules. I thought I had to be as clean as possible, I forced myself to go to a church I hated. I could not witness, so I wrote on my blog and hoped God didn’t hate me. When the family cat died the month I came back to God, I thought this was a punishment from Him for getting away from Him. That he could care less how much it hurt. I thought I had to do daily devotionals and be faithful all the time, or God would not bless me. I gave money I did not have to tithing even though I had nothing.

In the Winter of this year in 2021, I just prayed the most earnest, direct prayer ever. That if He does not want me to leave again, He needs to do something because something didn’t feel right. Two weeks later, teachers starting pouring in that I have never heard of before. People that sounded like me. I was taught right away that God’s love was paramount and nothing else mattered. That He wants me to rest in Him, and his finished work. That I was to focus on my identity in Him because He wants it to be built out of His love.

From there, I was drawn heavily towards Baptism of the spirit, the second Baptism mentioned In Acts 11:16. After I received it, I felt praying to God was closer and more easily, and more spiritual wisdom came to me. I learned that praying in tongues was to help us pray the perfect prayer and help us greatly in all areas of our lives. Before, I had no power and felt weak. After this second baptism, I felt great power in God and it went up 100%.

I also felt something I did no feel in the past-I felt like myself. I never expected this. I always thought God wanted you to be anything but yourself, but it isn’t true. I could write volumes on this, but God wants you to be yourself, period. Stop fighting it. The “die to self” thing is to simply trust Him for decisions, and to make your way through life. It is not what people think it means.

Mark DeJesus teaching of discernment of where things came from opened up my mind and has helped drastically.

I learned that in order for Christians to stop believing the lies of religion and the church, they need to do one thing:


This is why all Christians believe there is a block to God and that they have to confess continually..because they don’t understand that Christ died for your future sins too! Every sin past, present and future have all been taken care. The finished work also included physical illness and ailments. The reason we have them is not because of behavior or this lie of the fallen world, because once Christ died he ended the Old covenant. That part never has been accepted by any of us. We are in a spiritual war and Satan and the fallen angels try to hit Christians up with illness and death throughout our lives because they hate us. This is not something I pulled out of my butt, it took me a long time to get this.

If we understand that limiting beliefs, feeling like you have to perform for God, or he can’t bless you, all of those things are from Satan! They are not from God and never were. Christians should be ticked off at this that the majority of the world believes this and tells others this as well. It does not help people, it makes people into sick robots with fakeness, and no real love for God. Who wants to love a sadist?

If you think all bad comes from God, and you will be punished, you are being lied to!

I spent years believing that the people I am about to mention below, or the Grace Gospel was a lie. And yet, my life became more miserable, more depressing and I even felt suicidal at times because mainstream beliefs kept me locked in bondage. Set yourself free, I beg of you.

I strongly recommend you look into these teachers below. They helped me and can help you understand and unravel all of these things:

Paul EllisHe was a Pastor for years before he realized he was preaching wrong.

I don’t have a direct link to this guy, but he has books online. Look up: Andrew Farley.

on YouTube, look up Joseph Prince. He also is: here

Darin Hufford’s book: The Misunderstood God is highly recommended by me. I am doing a review on him in another post: here