10 Lies Of The Church

We have to confess sins

This controversial subject makes me angry because for years I begged and pleaded with God to forgive me when he already had. I always felt like it was wrong, but ignored it because everyone says to ignore your own feelings. The problem with that concept is that when you are saved, the spirit resides in you, so if you feel like something is wrong, there is a good chance it is coming from him! Many people thankfully have written about this in recent years. They have pointed out that 1 John 1:9 first off, is addressing unbelievers because of the verses in context around it. Secondly, “confess” means to agree with. It does not literally mean confess because God can’t hear you. The biggest lie in the church is you HAVE to confess all the time or God can’t hear your prayers. That is Old Covenant! Why does nobody get this? If you read what Paul said, he never brought up confession except to yell at people who did not believe we are justified. (Acts 13:40-41). The details in Ephesians, Romans, and Colossians explain what Christ dead did to free us. Hebrews 8:12 tells us God does not remember our sins anymore, so why confess if He does not want to remember them?

I have tried this personally in my life the past few months, and can tell you it is true that God does hear prayer, confession is not necessary, and there really is no condemnation. Truth is, Christians never get to this point of trying this out because they are terrified of God, so they do it to avoid punishment. There is no punishment anymore though, which brings me to my next lie.

We are “convicted” by the Spirit and punished for doing wrong

If I could count the times I have heard the phrase: “I am convicted” I would go nuts. I used to say it too until I was shown to discern between what evil puts in your head, and what God puts there. The spirit Teaches, corrects through the word and helps you, is a Comforter. He is not there to “convict”. Satan convicts and uses everyone to do it. We are not condemned(Romans 8:1-2), and if you feel bad, beat up, guilty, that is NOT coming from God.

Next, we believe we are punished because of the false context of Hebrews 12 where it says we are chastened. The Greek word for chasten is: “paideu” which means “cause one to learn”. Why do we keep picturing God as Hannibal Lecter beating us with a whip? He punished in the OT, yes, when are we going to start living out of the NT and stop this? Paul Ellis has several articles in depth about this. He says that in Hebrews 12, that verse is actually quoting Proverbs 3:11-12! Most don’t now this. Does God Scourge His Kids?

I have horrible memories of when I believed God punishes. I imagined myself as Jonah being chased after by God, and there was no escaping him. I kept thinking that Jonah had to jump in the water to try to kil himself because that is how scared He was, and was put inside a whale instead. To hear Baptists talk about, they paint the most hideous picture of God ever. I still do not know how to make sense of OT God, but all I know is that is past, and He does not do this anymore. His son was the ultimate sacrifice, and He accepted it fully. That frees us entirely to live happy and full lives. It is good news, not bad news.

We Believe we have to do good works because of James 2:24

I wish James had not caused the controversy he did, but he assumed people would know how to read and take things correctly and that was a mistake. The famous works verse is massively misunderstood. He is talking about justification, and out of it flows the works naturally, not the other way around. Joseph Prince says: “Grace is the cause, good works are the effect”. It means because of who we are in Christ, it compels us naturally at some point to produce “fruit”.

Christians are obsessed with ministry, serving God and think that is a requirement. They think “Give your life to Him” means be a slave, and in that, he will only want you to witness. We make up stuff that is not true. I have read countless stories of people, who are now Ex Christians, because they did too much work, tried too hard, and could not “rest”. We are told to labour to enter into the rest of God(Hebrews 4), and we simply do not do that. Churches bring on the guilt and tell us we have to serve or else God won’t help us in life.

God gives his followers natural gifts yes. He gives us talents, yes. Not everything has to look spiritual on the outside to make a difference. I am an Artist and for three years now I have beat myself up thinking God does not like me as an Artist because I don’t paint religious paintings, I paint from feelings. My Christian therapist told me that who you are in general, what he gave you shows off God. You don’t have to paint pictures of the Last Supper. God wants us to be who we are. If we would just freaking be ourselves, and lighten up, everything we are would come into perfect union with God, because we would celebrate then how He made us.

We assume people cannot tell who we are in Christ if we do not put on a show, and start preaching, but you are wrong! I have noticed when I am calm, and hang around other Christians, there is something DIFFERENT about us. Something that is unique naturally that cannot be explained. Unbelievers will see this and want to know what it is. The more you are yourself and not some fake, plastic image you made up, the more luck you will have in getting unbelievers to God.

Yelling, condemning, telling people they are going to hell, is not it. I read something yesterday in a Brennan Manning book, where he said he spoke with this gay person once, who told him other Christians, beat him with a Bible. That is not how it goes! And yet, we do these things and think this is what God wants. Why are we so insane? The song by Hozier: Take me To Church is very revealing. The Gay community thinks Christians are evil: “I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife”. All we do is judge others.

“God won’t bless you, if you are not faithful”

I believe this too, and so does everyone I know. They tell you to go to church every time the doors are opened, or else. You have to tithe, you have obey perfectly, you cannot sin at all, and if you do not do devotionals every day God notices. Again, OT thinking. At this point, the anger in me is so bad, I feel like Christ died for nothing. Christians want badly to live out of the old law, why on earth did he dies for us, when we refuse everything he offers? This is what I have learned the past six months. It took a lot of studying new teachers and praying. Yes, God showed me these things. If I am wrong, He would have said so already. The Grace Pastors like Joseph Prince, Paul Ellis, Andrew Farley can teach us tons about the power of right believing as Prince calls it.

Anyone who preaches too much grace is false prophet/teacher

This is a horrible lie based on nothing than fear and judgement. If you actually read, watch and listen to these teachers. you found out it is not what you think. Grace teachers, such as myself, basically are out to teach this: God loves you, live out of that love and freedom. God accepts you as you are, live fully and be yourself because that alone shows God through you more than you think. And read the Bible from a place of love and freedom, and be liberated. They believe in the finished work of God. They believe in healing. They do not believe God punishes, convicts, makes you sick to teach you a lesson, no. The finished work of the cross defines our entire lives. We live fully from that. We aim to thrive in life, and RECEIVE what God feels for us, receive His love, his benefits that His son died for.

Because Grace Teachers use the word: favor, or receive, Christians freak out and call it the Prosperity Gospel. We call it the true Gospel. God does want us to be happy. If you don’t believe that, there is something seriously wrong with you. There is no prosperity Gospel, it is a cruel, made up term by fearful Christians. Watchman Nee once said: “Grace means that God does something for me; law means that I do something for God.”

God causes earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornados and is casting judgement on the world.

I believed this forever also until recently. Then as I delved deeper, I realized, it is not God who causes these things. In one simple verse in the Bible, we are told that Satan ” steals, kills, and destroys”. Yet, we think God is causing judgement. He judges at the end of the world, not before. The New Covenant saves, gives life and renews. Why would God want people to die that did not know him? He is not a giver of death and never was. He defeated it. Satan wants everyone dead, miserable, confused, and messed up. In the Gospels, Satan was called a Murderer.(John 8:44) Look no further than him to know where bad things come from. Read this article from Paul Ellis: Does God Give and Take Away?

We get confused by the end times events and think what we see is God coming back early but he is still not here yet, duh, so anything that happens on earth is of Satan. We accidentally gave him power. Here is what we miss though. We got out power back when Christ dead, so in church when they say: “We live in a fallen, sin cursed world” this is true once upon a time, but is no longer true. Bad things happen because of evil, not because of God.

We also have to stop this lie: “God took away your Husband/Baby/Job”. No He did not. He is not teaching you anything. Christ said the day has enough problems of its own, why would more want to be added? Women think if they miscarry, God took it because they sinned. Or if their spouse dies, it was automatically “his time”. What if it wasn’t? How do you know?

Love God first.

This actually goes against the Word which says that we love God because he first loved us, yet most Churches preach more out of Luke where it said: “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul”, so we TRY to do it of our own accord, with our own sick, twisted perceptions about God, fearful we are doing it wrong. From what I have learned the past six months it is that you receive God’s love first, and when you feel it back, whatever moment you can, express it. Does not have to be verbally, or publicly. God knows how you feel and what you think. If you don’t feel it yet, stop beating yourself up. He knows we have all been lied to, and have to heal from this mess.

You have to tithe, or God won’t bless you

Nothing has caused more grey hair on my head than tithing. For years, I suffered with having to give pennies and dimes because it was all I had. When I ended up a month or so ago, using food money to tithe and noticed again that God does not reward that, I gave up. I don’t tithe anymore. I give to my local church because they can keep their doors open and that is the raw truth, but I refuse to call it tithing. I have to cringe and ignore some people there because they quote OT verses to say: “May God bless you tenfold for tithing!”. Enough already. There are no rules. The cheerful giver verse Paul says was mostly it, and to see if you receive revelation from God about when to give. The problem I have with the last one is since Christians get everything wrong about God, they think they hear from him when they don’t, so they let their guilt speak for them and they give out of that. You owe nothing under grace. If you want to give to support a church then do that but don’t call it tithing. Charity is what it is, and give what you want out of love, leave God out of it. Don’t try to earn anything from Him. This is a lesson hard learned from me.

You have to go to Church

Everyone and their Mother quotes the verse in Hebrews about not forsaking the assembly of believers, but somehow through the generations we invented a building called a church, that has a steeple, pews, and a podium, a choir area, and all sorts of fancy stuff. We invented that, not God. In Acts, the Pentecost took place in a small house. Because however, many were saved and they did cram them in there at times, people think church has to be huge now. It can or cannot be, it does not matter the size, or what it looks like. If it is a chair, or even pillows on the floor. Who cares? It means one or more believers gathering together to discuss God/worship, etc. We make such a big deal about everything. I go to church on Wednesdays and that is it. Sometimes on the weekend, I will watch a mini sermon, but I hate sitting through long online services. Since church is so corrupt now, and it is impossible to find a good Grace one, Joseph Prince is one of the few to watch but he charges on certain days, and gives clips the rest of the time.

We believe once again law. That we have to go to church or God will punish us. I dare you to discern honestly. Christians would be less messed up if they would just understand that you are being tricked heavily by evil every day of your life.

The average Christian is a horrible mess right now. The majority believe in a mean, hateful God that wants us to be slaves and will beat us if we don’t get in line. They believe we are not allowed to enjoy life, relationships, or have fun because God will take it away. It is a lie from the pit of hell, but we don’t even realize it.

God wants us to suffer

Okay, this is a big one. If you tie all the above lies I mentioned, they mean this one right here. Even though Christ died for us, we don’t believe it means anything at all, so even though he suffered for us already, the work is never done in our eyes. It took me awhile to undo this thinking. When Paul speaks of suffering, he means persecution and spiritual warfare. Those two things alone are enough suffering for us. We are the most hated in the world(and frankly now I can see why) and keep in mind Paul was chained to a prison table when he said that. He suffered for God. We will too at times, but not in the way we think. Just living on earth as a believer is strange enough and hard enough, and is it’s own punishment. BUT, when Christ died, he wanted to give us an abundant life. He does not want to just make life tolerable for us, but really good. That is why honestly in Luke, the Angel told the Shepherd: “I bring you good tidings of great joy!”. We all miss that, and think it means the birth. Yeah, the birth of the Son of God who changed the world forever. The ultimate sacrifice. Game over. It is done. You are of no use to God if you are dried up, sad, depressed, and on your back sick and desolate. Don’t fall for the lie anymore.

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