The Reasons Why People Become Atheist/Ex-Christian

I wanted to write about this because when I gave up on God for a year back in 2018, I read a lot of Atheist materials and Ex-Christian stories. Looking back on it now, I see something very clearly: They hate a God that does not exist.

After everything I have found out in recent months, Christians and unbelievers both think God is a bully, a sadist. Atheists say constantly that they don’t want to worship a God that demands so much from us, that insists on praise, and acts like a Narcissist. They are seeing half the God shown in the OT, and the other half is actually Satan’s fault, but they carve it in stone that God is like this.

Ex-Christians, Atheists see a god that demands worship, will punish you just for living. Demands a perfect, sinless life, wants you to grovel for everything, because it’s for your own good. Sounds like mainstream believers put this idea in their heads.

When I go on the Ex-Christian website, it is so very sad. Guess what it is though? So relatable! I can say that honestly, can you? For a believer to admit that they do not like many things about the faith is hard. We are so afraid we are not allowed to ask questions and the verse in Proverbs is quoted about “lean not into thine own understanding”. The problem is believers take most scripture and fit it for whatever purpose they believe at the time. “God’s ways are not our ways” is said a lot when bad things go wrong. As I said in a previous post, God does not cause bad things to happen, but we get told lies that they do. So Atheist see this in us and then refuse to believe in God.

If we want to ever help unbelievers, we need to understand these people. I was one of them for a time, and this was after I was saved. It helped me a lot to know how they think. They honestly feel drained and that they will never meet God’s expectation so they take their hurt, and pain and just give up and yell for all to hear. For the ones who are Ex-Christian, they secretly hope deep down God sees their pain because they want Him to feel how bad they feel. It is like a big screw-you for making me feel this way.

The reason all this matters is because God must surely grieve all of this. He sent his son to die, and nobody noticed. He made a new Covenant, and hardly any Christian lives out of it. He set us free, but we still act like slaves.

Again, the atheist sees this. They see how we talk online and in person. They are not impressed with our religious attitudes and our rules and structures. No amount of fancy talking, and asking them the dumb question of: “When you die, are you going to heaven or hell?” is going to make them change their mind.

a few years ago right before I gave up on God, I saw a nasty conversation online. This guy was telling this gay guy he was going to hell and never spoke good of God, just kept telling the guy off pretentiously.

The change needs to begin in us. Everyone has sadly heard Christians witness in some form or another and they could care less what we say. Why? Because we don’t talk about God’s love, we don’t talk about freedom, or full life, we talk about hell, and damnation. You make people feel like crap and unaccepted when you mention hell. Even if it is true, keep in mind unbelievers have been blinded severely. It is a handicap. They have nothing to draw on other than what they see in movies, and they go by what people say through word of mouth. The messge they are getting is not good.

The Pentecostals greatly impress me in the sense that they believe in “praying over someone”. This greatly appeals to me. If you ever want to talk to an unbeliever, ask them if you can pray with them. As God to show himself greatly so the earth shakes. Only He can show himself to them, we can do nothing. But if we make it unappealing, they won’t listen.

Before I was a Christian, people prayed out loud and over people, and it moved me to tears. I just accepted it as a deep thing in life, and walked away because I was burnt from the lies I have heard my whole life. I didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. In the end, I only went to it because of demonic oppression. I was terrified. I became a Christian because I wanted evil to get off my back. If I had not found God, and gotten saved, they would have killed me. For those who are confused, I was a New Ager for 15 years and at the end, was fighting off demons because I let them in by accident. Salvation was the only thing that saved me and put me in new standing.

And as far as Ex-Christian goes, that is almost me, or was. Most leave because they cant stand religion or rules and they are right! They just don’t know that we have been set free from them and live under grace now. I was in a group a few years ago and every single day, tons of people joined to cry out their problems with the faith and why they are leaving. Christians are leaving the faith at a very fast rate these days because they are being lied to. As long as they see God as a pain causer, sickness giver, a God who gives and takes away, makes your life miserable, why on earth would they want to worship that?

The Gospel of Grace is the true Gospel, but it is called the heretical Gospel because it believes what the word says directly. Many have dared to ask God real questions and He actually answered and showed us the truth. The rest live in this nightmare of lies created by the church and refuse to go back.

“Any God would allow eternal torment deserves a middle finger, not an upturned hand, or bent knee”.-@jeffturnersoa on Twitter.

This is extremely upsetting, but even more upsetting is that this the majority of Ex Christians, or Atheists who say this. Jeff Turner is a “deconstructionist” meaning he has religious damage so the term is to deconstruct from religion and the harm it does.

The thing they and not even Christians get, is God is not the cause of half the problems in the world. He lets them happen because of free will. It took me forever and it still does, to accept that God is not evil, and is more relaxed and laid back about things then we realize. The enemy works hard, too hard, and has everyone running in circles. God does not have to work, He is the Creator. We just don’t understand him, and some of us die trying to.

Lastly, there used to be a Christian named Micah J.Murray. He is now agnostic last time I checked, but in 2015 he was trying to go to therapy to talk about God. He sadly believes God is the one who brings shame, agony, and pain to him and in this raw article speaks of it: Dear Christianity, I have a few questions

He ended up deleting the comments a few years ago, and I can see why. Every Evangelical did a crappy job of trying to make him feel better, my making everything worse, shocker.

I talk about this again, because this is more serious than any of us realize. More people are being led away from God at alarming rates because the god they have made up is so awful, they can’t possibly worship him.

All this mess I have seen is making me want to write a book about How Christians Have Ruined The Gospel. I am not sure if that is the exact title, but we have hurt ourselves, destroyed others, we believed everything that was said to us by church leaders. We never questioned whether or not there was truth in anything, we just believed it anyway and spread it to everyone, so they can live in bondage too.

It is the hardest thing I have done personally to try my best day by day to see God as good, it is not easy considering what I have been told, perhaps you can relate.