This Is Amazing Grace

Grace is more a picture of love. It is what I am getting deep into my head every day. I have been in prayer, and have heard God say: “I love you”. A lot of people would be able to accept it, and think it is great. For me, it is slower. First, you doubt if its Him saying it,then you realize your spirit is on board with it, which is the Holy Spirit, then it is just a matter of accepting it.

I was praying in tongues for a few seconds one day a few months ago and God dropped it on me when I finished: “Let me love you”. I was so embarrassed I could not face it at the time. Then that song came into my life by Laity: Let Yourself Be Loved.

We don’t think that we are worthy thanks to what we have been told. Sending Jesus to the cross was an act of love, but none of us can wrap our minds around it.

This morning, I was in prayer and was staring off handedly at my tablet wallpaper, which is a photo of streaming sunlight. As I did, the lyrics from a song that has been playing in my head for a week came back :”You laid down your life, that I would be set free”..As I kept staring, I felt connected to God. I felt him tell me to look deeper.

Basking in the glow of the sun is easy right? Highly enjoyable to let sun rays penetrate us like a warm blanket. Maybe God is no different.

This is the wallpaper on my tablet

The song is the title of this post: This is Amazing Grace, this is unfailing love, that you would take my place..”, It is a song that is played at my church sometimes, and was last week.

The lyrics of: “This is amazing grace” was apparently pointing to my life and how much freedom I had. I keep reminding myself that God is not religion, and laws and rituals. He isn’t represented right by his followers so it has greatly messed me up.

I thought about taking an index card and writing on it as if it were from God: “I love you, Jennifer”-Your Father in Heaven.

Yes, I can do that. And I think I will. Do you have the courage to do it? Mark DeJesus said:

The fruit of true self love shows in how you are able to accept yourself, how you are able to receive love from others, and how you get your value from simply being loved.

What he is saying is, being loved by the Father. We think it is more humble to reject His love as a gift back, and be like a low life, but God does not want that for us.

I am leaving with you some excellent quotes from Paul Ellis. This man really has opened my eyes.

and this..