Understand What God Is Really About

This journey I have been on has been enlightening. Every day, it continues in new ways, as I trust God to show me who He really is, not who scary Pastors says he is. Most of us think that if a Pastor automatically hears correctly from God, and it really is a message, but I have come to find out, that is not true at all. So many are not hearing from God. My guess is this they have come up with fake things about him, so when they pray things that are not of His nature, He won’t respond, but Satan will respond instead. That is why I have said before that in many ways Satan already owns the church, and has for centuries.

Who wants to get close to a God that is a bully? That seems demanding? That will only “bless” you if you do things for Him? That is a sadist. We were given Jesus as a sacrifice, and it was completely disregarded as not being good enough. If God says it is good enough, than shouldn’t we think that it is also??

Joseph Prince has helped me a lot the past week. He is the one who introduced the idea of daily communion to me a few months ago through his sermons. But it was becoming a burden, and a chore, because it is every. single.day. So, he said something very enlightening: “See Jesus bringing the communion to you, the cracker and the juice.” This sent light bulbs off in my head, because I was doing it the other way. I also picture him saying: “Take, eat this is my body which was broken for you”, “This is my blood which I shed for you”. When you say this to yourself, you feel emotional, and know it was personal what Jesus did, and it was for you on an individual level. None of us really believe that, but it is true. That is the hardest part of this for me, but until we get that in our heads, it makes it hard to personalize the benefits that come with it.

I am leaving some grace quotes up that have helped me a lot. Paul Ellis, is on Facebook and Twitter, and he leaves up quotes almost every day. I captured some, and I also have a few quotes from Andrew Farley and Steve McVey.

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