My New Book-No Truth In Darkness

**Now available also on: Google Play

So I wrote this book, the details from memory in 2016. I saved it in an email archive for years and never really took it out to read it. My testimony is very disturbing. I was into the occult, New Age, Metaphysics, Reiki Healing, Tarot and Angel readings, and by the end, I was into calling on “angels” to assist in my life. That is when everything messed up, and I invited some bad spirits into my life to haunt me for several months in 2015.

As I read this again, I updated many things, wrote new beliefs and erased old ones. I was a zombie at the time I wrote it as far as spiritually. I was going to a Baptist Church, and was on autopilot. This book is not very long, but quite powerful, raw and engaging.

40 pages, PDF. Right now the above link below the photo goes to Payhip. I am working on getting it approved on Google Play. I will let you know when it is up.

This book is a long time coming. I have been ashamed of my testimony and would rather have died than let anyone read it. There is something else in the book, a secret I never told anyone that is also revealed.

This book is about my conversion to God in 2015 and the messy, ugly route I took to get there and what I have learned since then.

(References to scripture are KJV because it is the only book you don’t have to ask permission to quote commercially.)


Photo book cover design& photography: Jennifer Underwood