Try My New Service of Matching my Artwork to your home!

Years ago in 2013, I decided to sit down hardcore, and study color. I was always poor, and could not afford to take a course, so I taught myself. I went to a Hardware store, and cleaned them out of every single paint color sample there was, and then sat down and studied. I asked myself how would this color go with a room, and what colors would compliment it? I knew the basics of the Color Wheel and looked into that deeper.

Complimentary is self-explanatory, and you have to have a good eye for it. The weirdest colors compliment each other. Yellow compliments blue, purple compliments gray, etc. This is the most common and sought after decorating method, if done correctly a room can really pop with color. I made the rooms digitally below:

Analogous color scheme is colors next to teach other on the color wheel like red and yellow rooms, blue, violet and purple. Southwestern design is a good example of this because of the same colors of red, orange and yellow.

Monochromatic is a room of the same color throughout it. This can be scary and overwhelming if done wrong. A lot of Contemporary, Minimalist rooms look like this.

I punched up this Monochromatic room by adding one element of color using the Photo.

Art needs to be a centerpiece in the room, usually hung over a TV wall, a Fireplace, on a mantel, a Dresser, etc. I can help you do this if you purchase one my artworks. Go to my Services page for more information.

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