Sometimes the Business end of Art takes away from the process of creating

I have been an Artist now for three years. I have worked very hard, and equally as hard on the business side of things. Just this week, I redid my website and made pages for each individual art piece, because having them in blog posts didn’t seem right to me. It took forever also, to make videos of each one.

I spend so much time on the business side, that I don’t create for a long time. There are also financial reasons, and not having canvases to paint on.

At the moment, I have one canvas, and have been saving it for the best idea. It finally came to me, so I will be working on that, after a few months of not having painted anything.

When I was going through my pages, and remembering the past, my first year was my most active. 2019 I painted the most and was the most open, and free. Now, I have to get back to that place more. If I can’t be myself when I paint, I just don’t do it. I wait until I am in the zone.

As I have said all over this site, I am musical. So an idea comes, then I hear a song to calm me enough so I can paint correctly. Otherwise, I would have to deal with horrible, negative thoughts, and they will ruin it.

I painted a few pieces like that, and they looked weird on some other level I can’t explain. I never sold them. Sometimes paintings don’t work out and they end up getting tossed. It does not happen very often though.

2019 taught me that you can “fix” paintings that did not entirely leave you satisfied. I did that with the paintings: Speak, and You.

I just wanted people to know that the business side of things ruins it for us artists. I have heard many complain about it, and I have heard some rude people chime in that you have to have a business sense whether you want to or not. Some of us didn’t sign up for that. I took Entrepreneurship in High School, and I wanted my own business my whole life, so I tolerate this. I design my own websites, make me own logos and headers, and try my best, I just hate how it drains me of who I really am as a Creator.

So know, there is so much more that goes on, than Artists sitting around painting happily. Not in reality, no. It is the ultimate wish though. 🙂