A Great Quote about Abstract Art

My painting: You were Born For this, took with a stream of sunlight on it.

Being a fan of BTS, I just read a new article for GQ Korea. The leader of BTS-Kim Namjoon, has always been a massive art lover. Every spare minute he gets, he runs to museums, and stands there and stares at art all day. I don’t know many who do this. It is old fashioned in the sense that in modern day, Artists are not in museums as much because there are too many of us and not enough of them, and so in recent years, we decided to branch out on our own and not depend on them. They are considered very 20th Century, and yet some have not came out of that yet.

Anyway, he talked about Art and Abstract in particular and I was stunned by what he said, so I saved it, made this graphic quote below. Click image to read interview.

That last part gave me chills because he is right, and as an Artist who wants my work to be understood and meaningful, he is dead on right. 1 plus 1 can be, but there can be other things. For me, I live for the “other things”. I don’t want a perfect still life painting, or something simple. If I make simple, complexity has to be in it.

When he said that there is a “blank space”, yes there should be in art. I knew a few Artists in my twenties, and whenever you asked them what a painting means, there response was always the same: “What do you think? What does it mean to you?” That is how we want our art to be. We can only tell you so much. If we come up with everything in it’s entirety, than we have decided for you on how to think and it is not longer subjective.

So I give a litte push with my descriptions on my Artwork List, where I explain each piece, and what it means, but it is meant ot be loose, a direction to go in, but not the whole picture.

I do however want people to catch whatever feeling may come, whatever emotions and flow with it, as I did when I painted it.