June 2020

Hi, I am Jennifer Underwood, I live in Pinnacle, North Carolina. I am an Abstract Expressionist Artist, a Landscape/Nature/Abstract Photographer, and a Freelance Writer.

Check out my other website: http://juabstracts.com

I became an Artist in January of 2019, and have been painting ever since. I use tools, sponges, and odd things to paint with, and have unique concepts, ideas.

In 2004, I became interested in Photography, and started off playing around with food photography, then moved on to Nature and Landscape. I lived in Oregon, and Idaho at the time and took great photos, great memories. I still take photos to this day, I feel naked without a camera.

As far as writing goes, I took Journalism in High School, and Creative Writing. I took a course in magazine article writing in my early twenties, but then dropped the idea for a long time. Then I started to write some after I moved away in 2006 some. Then in 2016 I started blogs and would write on them, then erase them after awhile, even though I received positive feedback from people.

I also interviewed a few people, wrote on a few Christian blogs, and now have started this back up again. I might write a book, it is always the dream, but I wouldn’t know what to write about at the moment.

I am 47 years old, had a very difficult life with my health, and tragedy, loss of people in my life also, excruciating heartbreaks, and events have led up to where I am at now.

I just recently started another blog to store my interests online about simple living and home lifestyle: https://refresh135955381.wordpress.com/