Hi, I am Jennifer Underwood, 47, I live in Pinnacle, North Carolina. I am an Abstract Expressionist Artist, a Landscape/Nature/Abstract Photographer, and a Freelance Writer.

I have had blogs off and on through the years. I became born again on December 1, 2015. I fell away from God twice, and live one messy existence as a Christian. I have always written for years, and left it open to God to decide whether or not he wanted me to start seriously being a Christian writer, or wait. For awhile, it was wait.

Then in 2020, and this year, I decided to be very honest with myself, and with God and noticed some unusual things about myself, but I had to admit it first. That I am an outcast. I do not like at Christian behavior the same way everyone else does. I do not like robotic, fakeness, or cookie cutter.

What I wanted instead was to display the raw, unheard of emotions that Christian women do not say out loud. The ones you hide from yourself. The ones you do not know how to deal with. That is me.

2021 has been a monumental year for me, and I have learned more about God’s true grace. Because of that, I can now say this blog is one of those Gospel of Grace blogs that many hate, but if you read, you will know I struggled to learn what I did, to get where I am at now. I am Non-Denominational because Christ never taught what denomination we should all be. I attend a Pentecostal church that is laid back and believes in authority over your life, and believes in God’s power.

I am also an artist and you will see ads throughout this blog for my website and my photography.

Check out my other website: http://juabstracts.com

I became an Artist in January of 2019, and have been painting ever since. I use tools, sponges, and odd things to paint with, and have unique concepts, ideas.

In 2004, I became interested in Photography, and started off playing around with food photography, then moved on to Nature and Landscape. I lived in Oregon, and Idaho at the time and took great photos, great memories. I still take photos to this day, I feel naked without a camera.

As far as writing goes, I took Journalism in High School, and Creative Writing. I took a course in magazine article writing in my early twenties, but then dropped the idea for a long time. Then I started to write some after I moved away in 2006 some. Then in 2016 I started blogs and would write on them, then erase them after awhile. I keep coming back to it though and feel like it is my home.