I started painting in the early Winter of 2019, and realized fast this form of expression was me. Never set out to be an Abstract Expressionist, it came out naturally. I also tend to lean towards Post Minimalism, and Conceptual Contemporary Art.

The rebel side of me came out as well. Emotions that needed to be expressed, the intense ones deep down, you can barely give words to, were coming out with use of unusual tools I was drawn to. A metal Scraper, a sponge, a water bottle became my tools to paint with. Brushes are secondary, just are not used as much.

I let myself go into a musical zone in every painting. I play something, and paint based off what emotions come up. I rarely paint without music. It is usually Indie Pop, that sounds dreamy, echoey, flowing tunes.

Read this post for more information about my feelings, and art: