Artwork List

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What Comes to the Surface, 20×24, acrylic on wrapped canvas.

This painting came to me spontaneously. I wanted a gold background but was not what I was going to do with it. So, I turned my music on, and let whatever come up, and then I started painting lines on the canvas, the lines reminded me of emotions that become visible to the eye if they were to be seen. Like condensation on a glass, something that goes to the surface.

The Truth We Try to Hide 27×30, Acrylic $300.00(Part of my Extreme Series)

*This painting started off with an idea about an opening in a wall, and ended up being something different, a more stronger abstract emotional place. Black really opens up to me the depth of a feeling.

In Between Spaces, 24×36 on flat canvas, a large painting in Acrylic, $300.00.

This painting represents a confusion inside of what life’s meaning is, and the yellow represents the positives that fill in the space.

Pouring, 16×20, on flat canvas, Acrylic. $220.00.

This was fun and I was happy playing with this, a lot of spraying water occurred to make this painting drip the way it did.

Wildfire, 24×36 on flat canvas, in Acrylic $400.00. *

If the Universe or a deity sang a song to you would it be the lyrics of Wildfire by SYML? It would if you needed comfort and wondered about life.

Speak, 15×20 on flat canvas in Acrylic(Part of my Extreme Series), $220.00.

This painting done in Spring of 2019, started off a lot more edgy and I let it sit for a month but it bothered me. The lines at the top were too sharp, so I fixed it to a much better stronger place.

Raw Pain, 15×20 on flat canvas, in Acrylic(Part of my Extreme Series) $220.00.

This painting was done a few months after my Father died in February 2019. I let whatever emotions come up about that and other pain I was feeling.

Love Lines, 11×14 on red acrylic painting, wrapped canvas. $90.00.

This very simple painting was actually from a powerful place of love, the unrequited kind.

Private Journal, 15×20 in Acrylic, flat canvas. $220.00.

This was done in March of 2020. I was experiencing strong feelings and heartbreak, and could barely write them down, but kept looking at the back of my journal knowing that inside is where the most deepest things would be, nobody would ever read and how huge that really is.

Tripping Into The Light, 16×20 in Acrylic. $275.00.

**Favorite painting of mine. In June of 2019, I let a late dusk sun stream on a canvas and traced it with my pencil, then painted a messy pathway to life, saying that we don’t know where we end up, but end up there just the same.

Blurring the Lines, 15×20 in Acrylic $220.00.

This was the most fun I have ever had. I started off with a Geometric concept and could not stand the lines, the rigid lines of life and of boredom if I left empty circles, squares and triangles, so I let it see where it would take me, and left the trace lines on the canvas for effect.

Full Expression, 15×20 in Acrylic. $275.00.

This was a multi-layered painting done with a spray bottle, and lots of dripping, tilting, and even used a scraper in some areas on the sides and top.

Opposites, 11×14 in Acrylic $85.00

The small ones are the most detailed and the hardest. This one was done deeply and calculated with a wiping technique.

Spontaneity, 11×14 in acrylic on wrapped canvas. $85.00

A small painting again but took a long time to get the effect I wanted. The entire thing was done with a metal scraper, no brush or anything else.

This painting looked almost space like, and then I had an idea to put a strong neon paint on it, and instantly thought of how emotions are a cover and a mask that try to hide things because we are afraid of what others will think of us.

Seeing Clearly, 15×20 on flat canvas, in Acrylic $220.00.

This painting was a cloudscape, using my fingers, and then I grabbed the metal scraper and begin strategically adding lines to make it seem like they are floating.

Swipe, 15×20 $220.00 on flat canvas in Acrylic.

This was done with my fingers in a direction I felt emotionally. Black says it all.

BW1, 12×16 on flat canvas. $120.00.

This painting to me could not have turned out better. Everything went right entirely, and I fluidly let myself work until it felt right.

Not Perfect, 11×14 $120.00.

This painting is about more masking, more trying to get things right in life, but just not being able to do so but does it have to be a bad thing?

Ribbons, 15×20 on flat canvas, Acrylic. $220.00.

This started off with green and yellow on either side, then I sprayed water and scraped to bring about this joyous, lively, happy painting.

Jungle, 11×14 on flat canvas, $90.00, Oil.

This painting is very thick and textured. I did not know where I was going with it at first but let thick oil paint decide for me.

Union, 16×20 flat canvas, Acrylic. It is supposed to be about the Moon in a sense like a romantic concept, , and two people joining together, then I felt like I didn’t make it colorful enough, and came back a long time later, and added more blue.

What Remains to be Seen, 15×20 on flat canvas, acrylic. Started off with basic squares and was not happy with it until white paint as poured on it several times for weeks, and it holds mysterious depth now.