I am Jennifer Underwood, and I live in Upper Western North Carolina, 47 years old. I never thought about painting myself until a few years ago, in January 2019. I have been a Photographer since 2004, and that was my thing. Then for Christmas of 2018, I asked for paint supplies. I started painting right away with oil and did not like the texture. I went through six canvases or more getting used to the process.

I had a male friend for twenty years that got me into Art originally. He had art books on various people. This was back in the nineties. I loved Rene Magritte. My friend liked Dali so we went to Atlanta’s Dali exhibit in 2011. It was the first time in my entire life I had seen art up close and personal from a legend. I could see brush strokes that looked like human hair. I was in awe of the realism of the imagery.

I also like Edward Hopper, who is a Realism painter, and I don’t do anything like him. And of course I am blown away by Pollock, who isn’t? Modern Artists of today I like are the late Jonas Gerard, and David Kessler, they are Abstract Artists but quite good. David Stanley Hewett is a great Expressionist Painter I like also.

I was into Abstract art before I started painting. I was into Interior Decorating, and used to look at Art in relation to matching Decor. It is funny how things turn out. Now I know Art is much more than that.

After that though, I started to see where I was going with this, and became an “expressionist” without wanting to or realizing it. That is the label I fit the most. I do basic abstract and Post Minimalism, and Conceptual art as well.

I use unique tools like a metal scraper, sponge, rags, anything to get the desired effect I want. I do use a brush but only 20% of the time. I usually put on Indie music and let fluid, dreamy, echoey songs guide my thoughts. Expressionism is the end result of my greatest feelings, and words that cannot be expressed. The happy places, the mysterious ones inside of us that hide, these come out onto the canvas.

Painting is an intense hobby, that has very much surprised me with it’s rawness and honesty.