We Tread On Serpents

So…I am working hard on receiving healing for my many chronic conditions. I am trying to learn what blocks there are, and had a miserable week trying to fight a weird itching condition that has plagued me for two weeks. No amount of casting it out or prayer has worked because I still struggle with … Continue reading We Tread On Serpents

A Quiet Mind

I didn’t feel well yesterday, and most every day I have bad headaches, and suffer gut issues. Praying, asking, wondering, feeling desperate for answers and waiting. I woke up today, mentally worn out, ready for a quiet mind. Sadly, being quiet seems to be all I know how to do so far when I am … Continue reading A Quiet Mind

Acceptance of Self

The other day I tried looking in the mirror and right at my eyes to say something nice to myself, and I noticed staring back at me was a woman deeply confused by everything. Years of my life have been stolen from me, and with my increased self awareness the past few weeks, I have … Continue reading Acceptance of Self

Update on Changes

Due to new information and promptings from God, I have had to delete some of my posts from the past. If anything dissappears, that is why. As I discover new information, I have to let go of certain thoughts. I always wanted to write, and this blog is a place I thought could help people, … Continue reading Update on Changes


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