As He Is, So Am I

This past week, this scripture from 1 John 4:17 came up a lot. There are testimonies of people who have said out loud: As he is, so am I and were healed of their issues. The common misunderstanding is that to be like Christ we have to endure physical suffering all the time, and live […]

Rant Time

I am feeling a bit off the past four days. I got involved in something online and have been angry about it for days. I cant even give details on it because I use my real name on this blog. Let’s just say people online are truly psychotic and think they are not, and it […]

In The Presence of My Enemies

The other day, I was watching a mini excerpt from a Joseph Prince sermon and it brought tears to my eyes. He was talking about crisis you may be facing. He quotes Psalm 23:5 to say that while we are being attacked by Satan and the spiritual realm, feed on him, rest in him, let […]

The Love of God Pursues You

This past week was very hard on me, several defeats and stressful. One day God brought Ephesians 3 to my mind about being rooted and grounded in love. I was shocked, but also embarrassed. I did not know how to get into the love of God, and He knows this. I thought Him saying it […]

Christ Followers Can Set Boundaries

A year ago, my therapist mentioned this boundary thing, that I should set those in my life. I always thought that as a Christian, I was not allowed to set boundaries, because it is our job to listen to everything believers say in case God is speaking to us through them. The problem with that […]

Dangerous Prayers

Their is a book of the same title as this post. I have never read it, so I don’t know but seeing that title online at random caused me to use it for this post. I am going through something intensely hard, personal and will take massive courage. In no way can I talk about […]

Do You Believe I Am Able To Do This?

For a month now, I have been hardcore focused on my physical healing. A brief summary is what I can give now, it is too long of a story. I have/had various health problems that have crippled my life. Some are what people would refer to as “normal” but it has took me a few […]

Personal Experience with Praying In Tongues

For weeks now, I have said that there is massive importance in praying in tongues. Every day, I force myself to do it and I have been doing it for three weeks now. I have learned and noticed some things. When I pray and get into a deeper posture, like folding my hands, or doing […]

Are You Mixing Law With Grace?

Would you be shocked to learn that what you have been taught in in mainstream Christianity is a lie? Hear me out. MOST CHRISTIANS MIX LAW AND GRACE. You think this is okay, but it is not the real Gospel! Don’t discount this and leave, please give me a chance to explain. It is lengthy, […]

My Love of Creation Stopped Me..

I have been using Jesus Name to try out many things in healing mostly and since it is invisible, it is very frustrating because I wanted proof to boost me. So today, I went outside to find some plant I could curse to the root and test it. Turns out, i could not find one. […]


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