Blurring the Lines

Blurring the Lines, 15×20, acrylic

Price: $320.00

I painted this in Spring of 2019 and it was the most philosophical moment of my life. I originally wanted to do shapes like triangles, and squares, circles, etc, but what I found right away way! I hated the way it looked as a straight uniform, and could no nothing with it. I decided fast to take a rag and cloth, and swipe each square, line, and shape from the edges, and went with it. I ended up using a swiping technique on the whole painting.

Close up shot of the middle

I learned a lot about myself through this piece. I am the kind of person that hates straight lines, hates rules, hates too much structure. Not in a bad, evil way, but in a more natural way. It is who I am to be different, whether I want to be or not. Many of us feel like that about ourselves. We put ourselves in little squares and boxes, trying to fit in, but it never works. The real beauty comes when you are free to be yourself.

This is the back of the painting. *If you want it painted white, request it when you buy, in a note. Or you can say: “leave it blank”.

(Many times especially in the first year, I put canvases flat on a table and even though i had something underneath, somehow paint made it around to the other side. It shows a true form though.)

**I will sign the painting on the back when purchased.

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