Buying and Shipping Information

This is the back of a 16×20

You can buy directly through my ecommerce stores at: ArtPal, and ECrater. The money goes to my Paypal. All credit cards accepted. I do ship internationally, unless your region has rules against it.

For International customers, I charge depending on size, ten to thirty dollars more.

I ship currently from North Carolina, and within three days. Depending on location, it could take two weeks to receive.

I do not do returns in general unless it is damaged. I do exchanges instead for similar size paintings. Any leftover money can be refunded if the amount does not match up.

The only reason I say this about returns is because paintings are fragile and can be ruined since it takes certain procedures to return art. I will work with you on what to do.

All my paintings in acrylic have been sprayed with a sealant.

Some of the paintings have splashed paint on them, so they are very “raw”. If you want want the back painted white, let me know in a note when you purchase it.

**I sign the back mostly because I want the Collector to see which angle they want to place the picture and not a signature get in the way.

a “Wrapped canvas” means it has a half inch to an inch thick border that wraps around and is ready to hang.

Flat canvas means it needs a canvas hanger.

This a photo of a large wrapped canvas