The Burning Question-Does God Like Me?

It stems from something that has always bothered me, and when I Google it, as usual, it is so very hard to find out an article where someone does not mention sin. In fact, it is impossible to bring up anything in regards to the self without bringing up our sin nature. Most Christians know… Continue reading The Burning Question-Does God Like Me?

What Would Jesus Really Think of ME?

I byt is the million dollar question Christians wonder, but from a unique perspective I can honestly say, I want to know what He thinks of me personally. Meaning what does He think of my art? my writing? The fears I have? The deepest thoughts? desires? Feelings? Would he be upset at me, and pick… Continue reading What Would Jesus Really Think of ME?

There is that word again-Surrender, serious part of the Christian life

Abnormal weather day of 55 degrees and sunny at this end of February. So, I did what I love to do-I went down to my sacred creek below my house, and told God to connect with me there if he could. I enjoyed the sunlight, took photos, listened to some wonderful songs. Several things happened.… Continue reading There is that word again-Surrender, serious part of the Christian life

How To Be In The Presence of God In Everyday Life

For some of us, it is easy if we have a positive view of God, but for others like myself, it is challenging to just 'be' with God and invite him to enjoy something with you. I read this idea in books, to invite God into your everyday moments, that when you enjoy something, ask… Continue reading How To Be In The Presence of God In Everyday Life

Look for God In The Little Things

I stepped off my front porch in the dark last night. I had no flashlight, and used my pathetic phone light. I said: "This is insane!". No longer than the words came out of my mouth, I instantly noticed the half crescent moon directly across, glowing. As I looked up fast, I saw a bed… Continue reading Look for God In The Little Things

There Is No Such Thing As ‘Secular’

That title to many is very controversial. MANY Christians will vehemently disagree with me and say that I am wrong, but in my personal experiences, what the world might consider "secular", still can matter to a Christian. Let me explain, please. God created the world right, and everything in it? So regardless of the poison… Continue reading There Is No Such Thing As ‘Secular’

The Christian Outcast, Is This You?

I don't know about you, but I have felt like a freak in the faith ever since 2015 when I received Christ. If I could be anything in the world but a Christian, that would be me. I am not one of those people that "get it", and feel stuff all the way down, or… Continue reading The Christian Outcast, Is This You?

The Simplest Phrases are the actually the Most Complex

For privacy reasons, I can't say much but earlier in the week, my Mother had to go to the Hospital for low hemoglobin. I found her lying on the floor unable to walk. Every time something like this happens now, I try hard to remain calm, even though the air has been sucked out of… Continue reading The Simplest Phrases are the actually the Most Complex